Hawaiian Snow Reviews

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  • 7pt

    “I used to smoke regularly over a decade ago, and quit because of escalating paranoia and anxiety from whatever unknown strains i was smoking from whomever i could get some from. After reading about Hawaiian Snow on Leafly, the reviews and effects (a couple years ago), I decided to buy some seeds (Green House Seed Co.) and grow my own since it is still illegal where I live...Hawaiian Snow sounded like a perfect fit...”

  • “Hawaiian Snow is my very favorite strain, ever! She is exactly what I look for in a variety of herb. I'm a Hawaiian Tour-Guide, surfer, and outdoorsman who is always on the move. So, I look for pure sativas that get me going in the morning, and relieve all and any pain, due to the high CBD. Hawaiian Snow has such a sweet smell and flavor that is like none other. My wife and I smoked the first bowl of our harvest and ...”

  • “A stimulating sativa perfect for day-time use. Hawaiian snow provides a focused and uplifting effect accompanied with a subtle euphoria. The unique flavour profile of this strain boasts a delicious tropical citrus taste slightly reminiscent of pineapple. Smell strays slightly from the taste with a faint floral incense aroma, accompanied by both tropical and citrus fragrances. Would recommend Hawaiian snow for anyone...”

  • “This is a very powerful sativa. Its genetics are Hawaiian crossed with Laos and it has a thc content measured at 23.7%. The high was very uplifting and energetic, and of very good quality. A two gram blunt kept me and a friend high for a little over four hours, and I loved every minute of it. This bud is good for wake and bakes when you dont have anything important to do that morning. I would definately recommend pic...”

  • “As I am now enjoying this lovely bud, I must say that it is quite uplifting (that may have to do with the amazing weather outside). Nonetheless, I will say that the green is exquisite. It got my friend and I very baked in very little time; 0.5 in 5mins and we are higher than Armstrong. The taste is sweet, the smoke is crisp and the color is superb. I would highly recommend this strain.”

  • “This is some great, great weed. I bought mine from a shop at the Freetown Christiania, in Denmark. There was a huge supply of weed in this shop, so me and my girlfriend-friend chose the Hawaiian Snow. Normally when I smoke, I usually just shut up and just.. Relaxing. But this weed was the perfect thing! It made me and her talk, even though we were stoned out of our minds, we just talked about some really, really c...”

  • hi2

    “Perfect for the morning when you need to get things done. Relaxed, energetic, focused and you'll be in a great mood.”

  • “The Smoke: Tastes quite "new". Somewhat acidic and almost sterile tasting. Tastes like a hospital smells. short duration from smoke to high onset. Very heady....a classic sativa. Arousal and euphoria are the #1 and 2 effects, followed by deep introspection. Best Setting: For those with lower tolerances, I would recommend this for a weekend day-time smoke. Great for watching the game or playing video...”