Haze Wreck Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “two of my absolute favorite strains, Haze and Train Wreck, come together to create a near perfect experience. it gave me total focus. i felt totally free to think outside the box and be creative. i was motivated to be productive. i also felt this really familiar sense of well being similar to some of my best childhood memories. toward the end i laughed harder than i have in a while. made me talkative too but on a ph...”

  • “Haze Wreck is one of few strains that I've tried with distinctly energizing effects. A great strain for when you're pulling late nights and don't want to feel sedated. The buzz leaves you pretty functional and focused -- great for creative activities. It also has a really nice mango aroma and taste! Haze Wreck is my new favorite. I'll be very sad when I reach the end of this jar.”

  • “this one was uplifting. good for getting the day going. good for keeping it going when you are getting tired. short list this one”

  • “Smooth smoke that tastes like dog shit and mint. Focused and energetic. Puts up the blinders so you can gitrdone. 3 stars only due to taste and the seriousness. Did not get the euphoric well being typical of more citrusy strains. Version was Hazy Train from Farma.”

  • “One of the best strains I have ever had. It made my clean my apartment. Gives you great energy. Great high. I highly recommend this strain. I'm glad they finally have it on leafly.”

  • “My new go-to strain.”

  • “Overall a great smell, appearance and high. The taste is the only place I feel this strain comes up short.”

  • “it really helps with depression and it gives you energy but more of a relaxing energy”