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  • “Just lovely really - a mood enhancer that brings body relaxation and gentle energy. Made me a touch spacey, but in a nice stargazer sort of way. Been trying a lot of 1:1 type strains lately. Leafly does a piss poor job of categorizing these and CBD dom strains. Come on meow, it's metadata. Throw some of your wads of cash at it, we know you're huge pimpin the legal lettuce scene.”

  • “I decided to try this strain because of its high CBD content. It acted fast on my migraine pain, although it was not the best pain relief I've experienced from MJ. I'd say it took my pain about 75% away in the first 20 minutes, and the other 25% gradually faded away in about 45 minutes. The best (and unexpected) part about this strain was how it affected my anxiety. I have never, never, EVER felt as calm and peacef...”

  • “one of my favorite strains right now. If you're in the SF/bay area a delivery company called Flow Kana has it as a high cbd with 12.6% cbd and 7.7% thc. Absolutely my new all day smoke. great taste, great high for being low in thc, and add the body pain relief from the almost 13% cbd, and it's perfection.”

  • “One of the Most Uplifting Sativa Stains I have had in a long time. The Grower told me, "Girls LOVE this Strain! It gives them all the Energy, without the 'Couch Lock'!"”

  • “Piney Kush (NJ pinebarren cut) I dunno if its the same but the description matches it perfectly. Looks: Long buds with a tangle of yellow hairs and lots of milky trichs. a nice red/yellow/green color to them very nice. Smell: Verry odd and hard to explain, super tropical/pineappley but also a distinct piney diesel undertone from the master kush im guessing. Taste and smell were identical. Effects: A nice energy boos...”

  • “Very fruitful flavor with a strong smell.. Felt very excited relaxed and got alot of errands done..”

  • “One of the better CBD strains in AZ right now. Fresh tasting bud, and it does smell like you are in a 🌲 🌲 🌲. CBD strains are still getting established, so I'm holding out the elusive 5⭐️ until I find a CBD strain that's reached its potential.”

  • “smoked a high CBD 1g pre-roll from Flow Kana. very light psychoactive effects but it's doing wonders in the pain relief department. feels like a body massage and a cuppa chamomile, not a "stoney" strain.”