Incredible Hulk Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “Man this strain is chronic! Smoke this and it instantly hits you like a brick wall! Got hold of a sample so didn't have too much and ended up sharing one joints worth between 3 of us - and it's a good job too. Fried the lot of us and safe to assume you don't need much of this to feel the full effects. Was a smooth smoke which took me by surprise but nevertheless a bonus. At first I was in a heavy body high state, bu...”

  • “Great pick me up w/earthy, kushy tones. Great focusing medication.”

  • “Very tank crytally covered buds.. Sativa in structure and high.. Very tasty, very potent.”

  • “Very dank, trich covered exotic sativa buds. Amazing smell and flavor both on inhale and exhale.. The buds themselves smell like rotten fruit and dank. Amazing strain tested at 20% thc and .33 % cbd which is high... Amazing strain bought legally in Washington state, the company, "Spark" that grows it grows using an advanced light controlled greenhouse. The cure is great... Grown great.. Amazing strain.. amazing sativ...”

  • “taste was nice for sure. I noticed it took me longer to get high which I didn't like but when the high hit is was a non overpowering euphoric high”

  • “Just got a taste and feel for this bud and it's definitely up there on my sativa list, if you want to just chill and think about life or watch Netflix you can, if you feel like you need to get something done This strain actually makes you get off your ass and do it. I came home thinking I was going to get home and be couch locked and forget, instead this strain actually convinced me to get up and do my errands I owe ...”

  • “Love it, gave me such a happy lift.”

  • “Very tasty, high energy strain. Perfect morning smoke to get your day started and the creative juices flowing, but smoke any more than a bowl and it hits you like a train with an incredibly strong cerebral high. Oh and have some snacks ready because this shit is guaranteed to give you some extreme munchies.”