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  • “Jahwaiian is a perfect blend of two of the most legendary island sativa strains of all time! We sourced our Lambsbread directly from the source: Nine Mile, St. Anne's, Jamaica. Pua Mana 'Ohana connected with Bob Marley's cousin Hugh Creek Peart A.K.A. Sledger (author of the song Rebel Music/3 O'clock roadblock) while filming the documentary "Sledger" that is now available on Youtube. Lambsbread can be seen in the ...”

  • “To see where the genetics for this strain were sourced watch the documentary "SLEDGER" on Youtube - Sledger is Bob Marley's 1st cousin born in the same house and raised together Sledger is Bob's ganja farmer cousin and has been cultivating Jamaican cannabis since the old days - Mahalo Pua Mana 'Ohana for this wonderful sativa hybrid strain!”

  • “it seems really good, I like creative strains, it'really important tout me”