Kilimanjaro Reviews

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  • hi2

    “Oh yeah. I love this kind of weed. extremely uplifting and euphoric. You're clear headed and cannot stop smiling. Even sad things seem silly (I'm almost ashamed to say this)....If you want to be pulled out of a bad mood, this is the weed for you. Physically, it feels like your head and neck are stretching away from your body. It gives you a relaxed energy as well. I would buy this again.”

  • “**Note** I am reviewing this strain based off of the flower from Earth's Healing in Tucson, AZ. This review does not reflect all grows of this strain** Most of the time when I have seen this strain at a dispensary, it has smelled horrible and tasted worse. However, my eyes were finally opened up to the potential of this strain after trying it at Earth's Healing. The buds were dense with very legitimate frosty tricho...”

  • “Pungent skunk and citrus smell. High in THC. Out of the 30+ strains i've tried, this has to be the most euphoric strain i've come across. Keeps you awake and alert.. at the same time, you can lay down and easily sink into a dream state. I rarely have odd closed eye visuals when it comes to MJ. This strain had my mind racing a bit.. but not in a bad (trippy) way. Very interesting strain.”

  • “I suffer from severe depression and have been looking for a strain that will help me get my Alpha personality back. I love making plans and organizing but with depression sometimes I struggle to even get out of bed. This strain had me encouraging myself and thinking of solutions for things I that were bugging me while I was taking a shower. This strain lives up to its description.”

  • “Gosh it feel's good to have pain relief. i abstained from my medication for lack of funds. but the good lord does provide. this is beautiful , wonderful, killer, flower. a great beauty to behold. i would encourage the folks who can abstain to try it. i didn't smoke for 5 days and when i did smoke i got this flower and BANG!! 2 puff's into it and I'm staring at my TV and it aint on! lol. it has the most beautiful two ...”

  • “Got a G from Natures medicine at 8:30, broke the flower down most beautiful purple color pieces , looking somewhat like a star in the galaxy exploding and the smoke really is ultra thin, nice of course, little coughing. 3/4 way on a joint the energy kicks, finished smoking, on to do some housework I go.....😉”

  • “Strong Strong Euphoric Head high. Unfunctionable. Taste and smells like oranges. Great for forgetting about stress and life and just to have a bunch of laughs with your friends. Very forgetful side effects”

  • “Got the last 8th at the store, and I'm fortunate I did! This has to be one of the best, most psychoactive strains I have ever used. There truly is something about the purity of a landrace that separates it from the genetics projects (albeit awesome wonderful science, lol) that most high quality cannabis strains are. Head goes straight to the clouds with this one, so I would not recommend going to work on it, and make...”