Lemon Haze Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “A definite favorite of mine, in the top 3 out of all the different strains I have tried. The buzz was quiet long, but I didn't have that much so it could have been much longer. It went down so smooth I would gladly swap this for air if I could. And to top it off, it tastes amazing. There are not many strains better than this one, with everything positive and it cured my depression, lack of appetite and pain. I tri...”

  • “Come on was slow and gentle. Made to feel even more delayed by the extremely clear head. Not only is it similar to Jack Herer in that regard, but it also shares the wide-eyed vision. Although...instead of Jack’s soaring euphoria, this is more beaming cheeriness. You can feel the rosiness in your cheeks and there’s a comforting feeling like being taken care of at home. Surprisingly energetic, my body feels light and e...”

  • “Several days and severa joints later I must revise my review. This medicine is awesome! Stress and depression are no match for this herb, which fills your brain with happiness and euphoria without turning your brains to mush. Too much and you will lose yourself to your very chatty brain and explore regions of the mind that may be alarming or confusing, but satisfying in the end. I revisited long forgotten childhood m...”

  • “My friend gave me a little nug of this stuff, and holy damn. It made me super relaxed and happy. I thought I was in another world by like 4 hits. Definitely recommend this to someone who is super stressed out. 👌👌”

  • “I've never been truly ''depressed'' but like others emotional pain hits us eventually. Lemon haze lasts around 2 hours for me with great physical and emotional pain relief. No stress or Sadness. Incredibly happy throughout the entire high. Wonderful taste as well. A sudden lemony taste then a great grapefruit after taste. I give this a 10.”

  • “This shit is AMAZING! It just makes me happy and talkative as hell. I love it!”

  • “This is a very nice balanced high :) it helps me relax and I can super focus. It keeps me grounded :)”

  • “Only just come down from this strain after I smoked it an hour or two ago. A great strain. The bags I got were like regular street weed - allot of small buds. Although my dealer said he didn't know what the name of the strain was when I asked, he said it smelt like lemons and was "powerful stuff." When I had a smell of the bags myself I knew that it was lemon haze, as I can remember the smell from when I've bought le...”