MediHaze Reviews

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  • “🤗🌲 MediHaze is the ULTIMATE wake & bake strain! I didn't know what to expect so I made sure it was a strain I tried with a freshly rested mind. The smell and taste was very spicy and earthy... honestly kind of reminds me of the old school pretendo that used to float around. The high is fantatsic. There needs to be more CBD in strains because for such a low percentage of THC (4.76%), MediHaze has a wonderful high an...”

  • “MediHaze, (aka Boaty McBoatface) The strain I got was double the CBD from Tweed. Nice smell, smooth smoke, effects come on around 10-15mins later. Nice and alert, good low dose thc makes the head tingle a little but great for daytime and being social. Uplifting high and a great pain reliever. A perfect intro for people new to medical marijuana about feeling the psychoactive effects. So this for me (new here) love it...”

  • “I was looking for something, ANYTHING , to alleviate nausea from treatment and I am able to eat, keep it down AND still function!”

  • “This is one of my top 5. I'm always excited to see it on the menu, which around here (Roswell, NM) is every few months. An incredibly relaxing strain. Calms my muscle spasms and makes me remember to eat...a lot. The munchies are strong with this one.”

  • “CBD MediHaze is a pleasure to grow. It produces one of the most beautiful and sweetest smelling flowers I've ever grown; they're a tropical delight. This strain works well for both SOG and SCROG techniques. It takes to topping well. I've used its fresh picked leaves and flowers in smoothies with great success. It's great uplifting and body healing medicine. Vaping a properly conditioned bud is a pleasure too. It has ...”

  • “Great cbd strain, a very chill, mellow high. I love this flower for after physical therapy. Great for pain”

  • “Medi Haze is a great strain for daytime use, with a light, uplifting buzz which helps with focus. Medi Haze has a strong, sweet strawberry/slightly skunky smell. The taste is similar, with a light peppery taste on the exhale. I vaporise this most days and it positively impacts my productivity at work, as well as my general mood. My partner suffers from stress and anxiety and found that this strain sent her straight ...”

  • “I got this under the name Boaty McBoatface from Tweed with 4/9 thc/cbd. This is a great beginner strain. It helps with my physical pain and keeps my anxiety at bay, while maintaining a clear head. No feeling high, just a pleasant, comfortable, chillness. It does cause me major dry mouth, very mild (and tolerable) nausea, and suppresses my appetite.”