Mickey Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “A quick come on that rushes over your head. Chills out the head like fresh snow. Very relaxing, but bright eyed and awake. Both mentally and physically soothing. Like you’re floating absently in tropical waters. Heads got a slight buzziness - like there’s a strap from the chin, around the cheeks, to the top of the head. Vision is explosive, compelling, and the most fun to get lost in. Nature is very psychedelic - hig...”

  • “This one will hit you hard and fast....but somehow you can still get shit done. truly the most energetic I've been at 30%thc. Sweet flavor with pungent flavor. these nugs are screaming Sunday morning”

  • “Love the positive chi energy of Micky!...so up pure light fun...enhances intuition, creative projects...Blissful brain and body high... all smiles for Minnie!!”

  • “This was up there in price at $17 a gram, but its worth it. Very quick and heavy head high. Relaxes the temples and face. The bud looks great, medium to dark greens with many light hairs. The smell is deep, right away you get the sweet citrus but theres a skunky, dirty smell to it as well. The taste is sweet and smooth. Overall great, high THC content, 22.85%.”

  • hi2

    “Gave me the late afternoon boost I needed. I'll be floating through the evening. Blueberries and plums tasted especially wonderful. Gives you that feeling that your head is slightly pulling away from your body. I'll have to try it again earlier in the day to see if the effect is any different. You know, the weed offered by Arizona dispensaries is really good.”

  • “I've never actually found a strain thats effective for my headaches before this one. Almost instant relief from my most resilient of pains. Very impressed. As for mood, it makes me very talkative and positive, and even gives a sense of confidence? Very clear, focused high. Definitely for good converstantions with friends or before starting a task.”

  • “A clean smoke, not harsh. Has a nice citrus flavor with earthy, mushroom finish. Great for sativa lovers. Your face will melt like gooey grilled cheese”

  • “I just want to say that I was very excited to try my friends green house grown lady that I helped trim this season, and I was not disappointed. Very sweet honey and citrus taste upon inhale and an earthy sweet on exhale, I love her!! The sativa effects are evident, but not enough to induce paranoia. Highly recommended day time medicine.”