Neville's Haze Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Hands down my favorite weed of all time. This is what I thought smoking weed would he like before I actually started. It's the ideal strain! I'm so creative, more intellectual, and not zoned out! Perfect....”

  • “The high was one of the most pleasent experiences I've ever had. I grew outdoors, picked a bud off the plant and lit it up. My day immediately brightned I got that warm feeling of being at peace with the world. It's an experience non-pot smokers will never feel and that's unfortunate. That part of the high only lasted about an hour but I felts its effects for hours later.”

  • “Very good bud. Very dry and a good focused high - easy to smoke and hits you well”

  • “I smoked this nonstop when I had strep throat and I swear it cured me.”

  • “Nice strain for depression and stress. Mood/mind altering for sure. Will give you even more patients to deal with stressors. Mid to heavy dose relieves depression, social anxieties & stress. Strain also warms the body and mind; great for arousal. Decent energy and makes music even more bitchin'.”

  • “I picked up and O of what the person claimed was this, for 4/20. Very excited to be able to smoke it all day without wanting to pass out. Smoked about a gram of it already and it's very potent, the scent is strong lemon and diesel, taste is earthy, spicy, a true haze. As my girl friend and I both put it, this bud takes you to a different place than most any other buds do.”

  • “Tastes and smells amazing. Strong uplifting buzz, great for mornings or when you need to get stuff done.”

  • “Great mellow weed for contemplating things. Uplifting. Bought in Amsterdam. Jan 19 2015”