Nurse Jackie Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “fire an smell is amazing feeling really. energetic ic.”

  • “This is a great sativa strain. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I had some good organic N Jackie. But I'd bet the hydro version is KILLA!!!”

  • “Quickly becoming a top five for me. I love the Medicine Woman. Don't believe I've tried Jack the Ripper, but this cross (when grown properly and will lots of LOVE) has a beautifully complex flavor profile, with either a stronger lemonene zing or this heavy citrus taste through and through. The stone goes straight to the eye's, but clear; very clear. Clean. Focused. Obviously it's not with out it's 80% plus Sativa ge...”

  • “headache relief is the name of the game. in my only use (so far) of Nurse Jackie, the low grade headache was resolved”

  • “Got this from Attis Trading on SE Gladstone. This is literally my #1 favorite strain.”

  • “After searching high and low for Medicine Woman, I was at a local dispensary and tried out Nurse Jackie based on the tested % Loved how the strain smoked enough to go back & get more, and when I did, I realized why I liked it so much, one of its parents: Medicine Woman! Great for cramps and other pains, every chance I find it, I get it!”

  • “It makes Getting Doug With High the greatest thing ever!”