Root Beer Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “The first thing you notice with this weed is the beautifully overwhelming smell of root beer. That's the only smell you get from it. Next is taste. I'm waiting for my vaporizer to arrive in the mail, so I did my first session with RB Kush through a pipe. I will do a re-review with the Vaporizer. Anyways, even from smoking, I sill got an unexpected surprise. I was expecting a nice root beer smell and more earthy taste...”

  • “This weed is good beyond all conception. This ridiculously dank, though unbelievably smooth, bud will get you incredibly high. I smoked 11 bowls, the majority of which were vaporized, and it tasted so perfect, hit as smoothly as a 300 bong, and produced a lot of body buzz.”

  • “It is absolutely amazing how much this strain smells like rootbeer. It quite literally smells like it was drenched in rootbeer syrup. Subtle Kush notes are found underneath. The strain feels like an indica and provides you with mild euphoria, nothing overpowering. A very very odd yet good rootbeer taste is strongly present in the smoke. The effects hit you quite quickly and you will instantly notice that this is simi...”

  • “Sweet but earthy, good buzz alot is a little too much and your in for a nice nap.but a good wake n bake!”

  • “Boo, loses a half mark from me for being a spray on substance. Hows it listed as a strain when the root beer taste is added? At least there should be a disclaimer mentioning that. Still tastes great though, dont get me wrong, but was much cooler when i thought it grew like that .”

  • “Very cerebral but not heavy on the mind. I find it to be very uplifting and very good for daytime. Plus the rootbeer aromas are a wonderful surprise.”

  • “Pretty amazing that theres a plant with root beer charactaristics. I dont understand how. Anyways this smells and tastes of rootbeer. Its unmistakable. Like a dessert bud. Id keep this around as a treat. Its good. Nothin magical. But better than average. I feel energetic mentally but nothin overwhelming.”

  • “Sweet earthy vanilla vapor that lingers around awhile and keeps your taste buds just begging for more! Pain melts away and stress levels taper off as it takes hold slowly. Indica? Sativa? Imagine a Root Beer Dream...yeah, its that good! Great flower for both novice and veterans if you can find it!”