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Shaman Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Sativa pure and clean (!) high effect , give a lot of energy without unnecessary 'side effects', good for daily (morning) medcial use. Good for hard working, like car fixing etc. As i mentioned Shaman budds give you lot of energy without significant infuence of side effects.”

  • “From what I've read, Shhman is an old hybrid whose ancestry is a cross between Purple and old Skunk. Purple is not usually one of my favorite mothers, while I call Skunk my best "giggle weed," often so silly I'm almost stupid (back to the second grade). This hybrid though is different than either. It has some of the elevating effects I'm used to with Skunk, but without the "stupid" aspect--instead I feel creative,...”

  • “This strain is one of my absolute favorites. It was my very first bud, this is a very nostalgic thing to smoke for me, I usually look around and think to past times smoking, look through some of my old art. But within an hour and a half of smoking it, I will definitely be making something, sculpting, painting or drawing(once I even made a ridiculous DIY bong because it REALLY brought me back to my early smoking). I g...”

  • “This strain is a great daytime smoke. The nugs are dense with purple leaves. The smell is very citrus/flowery and taste great in a vape. It gives a very happy uplifting high that doesn't give you any couch-lock.”

  • “I bought this from a very well established dispensary in San Francisco, CA. Everything is tested for %'s, clean and safe. However I did not like this strain that much personally. It was far too clear headed, to the point that after the short euphoric burst of 20-30 minutes I didn't even feel high anymore. This would be a great sativa for someone with low tolerance that desires the more visual effects of marijuana vs ...”

  • “Some pleasing purple bud from People's Choice Wellness Center. Smell and taste is of a citric berry swirl that I find only in purple buds. The high is a pleaser with a definite "stoned" feeling that lets you calmly connect with whatever you please - yourself, your surroundings, your loved ones, whatever.”

  • “Picked this up in Steamboat, CO. Absolutely loved this one. Felt euphoric and motivated. Great day smoking weed and great for joints!! Probably my new favorite strain.”

  • “Incredibly uplifting. Great for outdoor use while hangin' with some friends. Colors are endlessly satisfying”