Silver Haze Reviews

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  • “I can't say I have smoked enough Silver Haze to give a truely accurate rating, but I can say one thing... This shit hits hard. Two hits off of this strain and it left me feeling numb with a full body high. I was at my friends house who lives only a couple streets over so about a 10 minute walk. What should have been a 10 minute walk was around a 40 minute walk. If you are tired and/or experiencing any sort of head or...”

  • hi2

    “Sativa dominant, for sure. You smile automatically.and can function efficiently, as you can easily focus. I can see starting the day with this strain, especially if you need to get things done.........and want to be high.”

  • “Without a doubt my favorite strain so far! I've smoked this a handful of times and I always love it. It's a perfect strain to smoke with a group of people, because it makes you feel energized, talkative, and it puts you in a great, friendly mood. One of the great things about it is it really fucks you up but somehow you can act like nothings up if you need to. It just gives you all this confidence, so if you're confr...”

  • “Makes me happiest man on earth. Very euphoric also. Makes me see lot's of good and lovely memories. I just feel great after very very diffucult day, when i was just wondering "how to keep goin.." Makes want creasy food. This is just amazing experience :D”

  • “Skinny weed! Doesn't give munchies, really uplifting mood”

  • “Nice mellow but solid high - no heavy head feeling 🍀! Only problem is a it of but paranoid.”

  • “This is a very very good strain. The smell is peppery and floral. The smoke is thick and can cause coughing if taken in large amounts. The high is...for lack of better words...perfect. I feel uplifted and extremely content. A very nice head effect going on. All around a happy, soothing yet invigorating experience. One big plus is that even though you're baked out of your head, you can still function and interact wit...”

  • “Grade A++ medical strain its best usage treats bipolar disorder, anxiety and depression.”