Sourlope Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • hi2

    “Looks like this strain has hit the Tucson/Phoenix area. It's nice. Relaxing and energizing. Sharp focus as well. After a few hits, household tasks seem almost interesting. I felt like a wanted to go around the house and fix (little) things..... Euphoria is what I generally look for in weed and I would say this strain is not particularly euphoric. It does have it's charms.”

  • “I think I'm in love with Sourlope. I almost get butterflies in my stomach when I'm about to smoke some. The high is so lovely. And as it fades away, it leaves behind a beautifully warm glow. I've never felt this way about a strain before. It's now a must have if my dispensary ever carries.”

  • “Super focused and in a good mood!”

  • “i grow this strain”

  • “Best strain I've ever had. The batch I got tested over 26% THC and left so much kief. Super clear headed and uplifting. Good for days or evenings without harsh sativa effects.”

  • “This strain is pretty and smokes smooth. Very very amazing”

  • “Sourloup is one of my favorite. Can be found almost all places have it. Always testing 20+even28+ thc this is no joke this is a heavy bud but it holds true to the hybrid high almost confusing high. But love it.”

  • “Great Sativa. Very good strong high.. That lasts most importantly”