Sunshine Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “If you're dealing with depression/bipolar disorder, this bud is really good for that. It made me feel like I was on cloud nine ;)”

  • “One of my favorite. Can be difficult to track down. Definitely an uplifting experience. Best for a productive wake and bake day.”

  • “Not disappointed with this strain some pretty good bud. Took a bong rips and after a few minuets I was already floating in my bathroom with the music. Great smooth hit, great to smoke for the day like shopping or or at a gathering.”

  • “I am not a smoker I smoke once or twice a month and that's a hit mabey two If I'm having a drink. Because of hearing this strain is very energetic and uplifting I decided to smoke almost half a joint myself. All I can say is that Im in love and just overall happy.”

  • “This is probably one of my new favorite sativas, and I rarely smoke sativas. This strain left my head in the clouds with the focus to get work done and enjoy some nature walks and bike rides before ski season starts. The smell immediately hits you like a ray of sunshine, warming your nostrils with its keef-coated trichoms.”

  • “I suffer from a chronic illness along with depression which leaves me in pain and fatigue and unable to function daily tasks well. I am new to using medical marijuana and enjoyed using this strain because I felt uplifted but not too "stoned". My SO said that I seemed "normal" and not out of it, which is important to me in using marijuana.”

  • “Beautiful. It tasted great and made me feel amazing. It'll brighten your day - no wonder it's named Sunshine!!”

  • “💯💯💯💯💯💯💯”