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Super Jack Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “TLDR; incredibly clear-headed, super creative, GET-SHIT-DONE sativa. My new favorite sativa. A+ This strain is so good that smoking it convinced me finally write THIS, my very first review, after years of lurking. I'm 33, have a wife & 2 year-old daughter, own/operate an online business and also work full-time for a medical startup doing UX, design & front end engineering. Needless to say, I have a fairly heavy wo...”

  • “Ok, I started smoking Super Jack about a year ago, religiously and on a regular basis. Over that time you get to know the personality of a strain really well. Here's my moment of clarity about Super Jack: it is the ultimate "chore" weed. It makes you want to do productive things. In fact, it makes you want to do things that you normally wouldn't even want to do, that maybe you've been putting off. Menial tasks ...”

  • “given the fact that all I really smoke is mainly indica strains or sometimes an indica dominant hybrid. for example during the day I'll smoke an indica like LA confidential that doesn't put me to sleep and keeps me functional while also keeping me calm as I'm manic a lot due to my bi polar which is why I stick to indicas, I've always strayed from sativas cuz I worried about anxiety/paranoia,, but I gave this super ja...”

  • “This review is for an absolutely stunning and, by all rights, flawless grown and cured version of this strain fresh from one of the most expensive, highest-rated dispensaries in LA. Exceptionally vibrant, clear vision but with narrow, specific focus. Emotional state is on point for Jacks; light, uplifting, and euphoric. However, and also true for Jacks, is its emotional instability. Feelings are a bit edgy and fragi...”

  • “Stupidly clear headed! Vision is bright and wide eyed - almost fish lensed. Ok mental high building like snow accumulating very fast. Super cottony and numb. Head and shoulders miles above rest of body. Has an extremely unique headspace - real distant, yet precise. It’s a pleasant contrast. Not incapacitating. Super easy to form thoughts. A real peaceful, confident, pretty potent, and sustained high. Impressive. Mak...”

  • “Topshelf definitely.. Don't pass this up if you come across it. Must have sativa”

  • “Best daytime high ever. I suffer from fatigue and this kept me going all day. Great for my neck pain as well. This has a smooth flavor, initial scent is earthy but leaves a sweet taste in your mouth. This stuff quiets the noise in your head and allows you to focus hard on the task at hand. Not the best for being creative in my case as my thoughts sort of stalled out but definitely good when you need to get menial, mi...”

  • “Makes me happy and horny”