Timewreck Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This strain when smelt, had an earthy, pepper aroma. i grind my flower and do controlled hits for flavor/ efficiency, and the flavor is, as the smell suggests. The hits were always fairly smooth and very flavorful (one of my tops) As far as the high, it was very cerebral and uplifting for those moments where your feeling sluggish or lacking that motivation. The physical high though positive, may be to energizing so ...”

  • “turned me into a living zombie consumed by the urge to feed...”

  • “you can tell it is powerful from the first hits. smells somewhat similar to kush, that earthy kind. whole body effect. especially the mind. calms it down, removes anxiety. excellent whole body pain relief. strong day time strain. happy in the moment strain. this is what you want from a good bud: numbs and relaxes everything but uppity and clarity for day time. Good for getting things done. good for arthiritis. d...”

  • “Beautiful, bright green, purple specked, hard packed nuggets with peach colored hairs. Sporting an earthy peppery smell with a hint of skunk. Very powerful, only need a few rips and your off to la la land. This bud will leave you dazed and confused, smoke responsibly.”

  • nod

    “love that strain. perfect for all day use , treats adhd and thyroid hypofunction perfectly for me! 4+!”

  • “This strain left me very happy with a very strong body high. This also gave a very nice head buzz that made me relaxed. I personally find TimeWreck one of my favorite strains.”

  • “this is my favorite strain, out of this world head high even for the heaviest of smokers”

  • “I LOVE this sativa !!! Loved the happy and social side of this strain, great for wake and bake. Felt uplifted and happy all day. Beautiful fruity/citrus flavors and smooth smoke. Would most certainly try it again !”