Tutankhamon Reviews

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  • “Got this at 420 Holiday in Longview, WA. See pictures and detailed reviews on my blog the Aging Ent's Tastings -- Brand: Cedar Creek Cannabis Strain: King Tut Sativa -- Potency Analysis: TTL 19.86% -- Cost: $20/gram -- The smell off this is pungent, sour and sweet perfume. If you smell it long enough your eyes can feel it. A little longer and your hair will grow it. Delicious. -- Smoking this is expansive. It ...”

  • “DEAM. Smoking this now one my patio. I usually don't like the skunky taste but this is SMOOTH. White ash on thisJ I rolled. I also rolled it with fresh high quality pipe tobacco, so it's gong down nicely. I'm about 5 minutes into this spliff and I'm already feelin loose. I feel like a stack of flapjacks, with melted butter rolling down my back. LOL. Btw, I need to find me some Pineapple Express. Okay, 10 mins into i...”

  • “I've grown Tut for over a year, and out of about 25 different strains of all kinds from around the world, mostly ordered from seedbanks and Europe and a few from dispensaries here in Michigan, Tut is my overall favorite. I love the high, which besides the fact that it truly is one of the most potent I've smoked, I love the taste,smell, and the specific effect this strain has. I absolutely love Tut!! However, if you ...”

  • hi2

    “Wonderful daytime strain. Gets you out of a funky morning mood, quickly! You'll be smiling and feel motivated to get things done. Probably wouldn't want to use it in the evening. It's high energy.”

  • “I smoked a couple of bowls as well as vaporized this delicious king tut, i would recommend this strain to anyone looking for a more uplifting high.”

  • “Really awesome strain. It's definitely the best sativa that i've ever had. I dont recommend this to anyone who is just starting out, this is a very strong strain and it makes me experience psychedelic activity. so don't smoke this if you're not into that stuff. Otherwise, a really fantastic high.”

  • “Smell is kind of earthy and funky. Like a barnyard after a rain shower or a damp forest. Little cheese smell.... Vapes smoothly. Tastes a little like pine nuts and smells like diesel. A buzzing head high comes on very quickly. No creeper here. Your body is slower to feel affected, but eventually it catches up with your head, helping to prevent anxiety or paranoia from settling in. At that point, you begin to...”

  • “King Tut auto, very clear and focused high ideal for use during the day”