Velvet Bud Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This bud goes great right at the start of the day with a fresh cup of coffee, The high gave me steady motivation and got me excited to conquer the day. I would recommend this staring if suffering from depression since it really gave me an extra boost to get off my feet. Or for people that like to get active in the morning, since it gave me such a good boost”

  • “good stuff”

  • “Good Sativa buzz but the dry eyes. Oh the dry eyes. What pain.”

  • “Very strong daytime bud. Heavy buzz immediately takes over.”

  • “Really heavy buzz”

  • “Decent Sativa buzz but OMG the dry eyes. Pain.”

  • “Day time strain for sure. It got me through my day at work. Needed two blunts of it to get right. I usually stay away from Sativas but I thought I'd give it a try. Definitely good to work your way into stronger flowers. If you're into that. Forever Blazin' Ace.”

  • “yo la probé en una fiesta tranquila con unos amigos y tuvimos una charla genial, muy fructífera y satisfactoria sobre cuestiones filosóficas. Es verdad que te activa la mente.”