Very Berry Haze Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This is a great strain. I got it from Head 2 Head in Regina and love it! It gives a very euphoric and energetic high, no heavy and drowsy feeling. Good for going out and doing stuff. Tread carefully though, I found I was very easily distracted. It did a lot for pain, Within in minutes Arthritis pain in my hands was decreased drastically and my appetite sky rocketed, almost to much, but still great. (not munches, fu...”

  • “A Definite sativa. Had me in a fantastic happy and talkative cerebral high. I could feel behind my eyes a little too. This strain took care of my nausea and got my head in a good place. I was also able to focus on my schoolwork while using this strain. would wake bake and go work on homework and projects with my team and i could handle the work fine. This stuff 100% smells like berries. It is my first experience wit...”

  • “Tastes so good in a vaporizer !”

  • “This strain is nice to do before/during social events/outings. Fruity smell & taste. Gets you really high.”

  • “First time trying this strain and pretty stoked. Very Berry. I'm ganja level with you and say that this bud smelled like straight up diarrhea i kid you not. And it wasn't even unpleasant. I enjoyed it, because I knew what was hitting my nostrils was top shelf, very potent, well grown, a+ quality bud. I would also say that the bud's structure texture were both very aesthetically and practically pleasing. This is not a...”

  • “Smoked this one again but in the day time and I see it's benefits. I was walking around in a happy haze but still able to keep focussed.”

  • “I love this bud for getting shit done! A tasty aromatic enjoyable smoke. Best effects with hookah and joints. Arousal ensues. Great for focus, movie watching, cleaning to music, sex of every kind! Great rythym when backed up with God Bud.”

  • “Loved this one! Super energetic and happy. Major giggles. Great for parties or long nights!”