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Avatar for zlavjestica

for AK48 i must say i like a lot..even tho she's not my typical type of medicine..because i'm using mostly cbd strains...but Ak48 has nice effect-relaxing and smooth..it's great social strain..great for weekend mornings -like today :D ...can have amazingly nice smell and aroma ...and it's easy for growing..like..one of easiest strains ..and it looks really nice vigorous growth..nice lime green..refreshing look and smell..responds good to LST..not hard for feeding ( easy to find her dosage )...that could be maybe one of my favorite newbies strain for those who want more sativa like effects and don't have enough experience for growing strains with more sativa influence/Characteristics ....and it's good as appetite stimulant,good for nausea..especially good for PTSD and depression caused by ptsd..and even for anxiety-she has a bit of sativa effect but i don't think anyone would be paranoic from her..no crazy heart race and all those unpleasant sativa effects which are big problem for people with anxiety. Smell/Aroma/taste are smooth and nicely balanced with that vibrant citrusy feel - refreshing but not to aggressive. refreshing and relaxing are first characteristics which comes to my mind when i think of Ak48..and along with that goes nice limeish green color of her leaves... like i said..I'm not even a big fan of "normal strains" because i'm using mostly CBD ( 1:1 or 2:1 strains ) strains as my medication -that is what i need most...but when i'm making myself oil from..lets say CBD Skunk Haze...i would put 20-30% od AK48 in one batch of oil...because i believe that will give even more potential for medic. use..as it will be a perfect mix for everyday use.. AK48 ( from Nirvana seeds-that is the one i'm talking about ) gets 5 stars from me..no brainer ( maybe she'd be more like 4,7 - 4,8 ...but since you don't have that option .. )