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Blue Moon Rocks reviews

Read people’s experiences with the cannabis strain Blue Moon Rocks.

Blue Moon Rocks effects

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58 people reported 587 effects
Relaxed 75%
Euphoric 68%
Happy 67%
Uplifted 55%
Giggly 43%
Depression 34%
Stress 34%
Anxiety 34%
Pain 32%
Insomnia 29%
Dry mouth 27%
Dry eyes 17%
Dizzy 8%
Paranoid 8%
Anxious 5%


September 27, 2015
Dry mouth
"Am I dead? WTF? Who's house is this?? Why isn't my mouth working!!!?" These are some of the things I was thinking while high on this nectar of the gods while sitting at home. I kept thinking I was melting into my leather recliner and had to keep pushing myself up to keep from falling but my arms weren't working. I ended up grabbing my broom and layed it across my lap so the stick was laying over the arms where I wouldn't fall through the chair. Kind of like holding onto a log while floating down the river. Also, I almost shit myself. This is a VERY strong strain. I suggest making sure you're in a safe environment and/or with friends while doing it. You don't want to do it if you have obligations later in the day, but maybe for a nightcap or weekend type thing? If you're into strong strains, this is the gold.
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April 27, 2016
Moonrocks hit hard and even. it's a great relaxant and it definitely brings on the giggles. I love this one for creativity, too.
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November 28, 2014
This hybrid has an entirely indica based high, making you feel like passing out in seconds. It will make you feel like your on another planet, a planet with more gravitational pull making you feel heavy. The flavor is a sweet skunk taste with a little aftertaste hint of berry. unbelievably good 4.5/5
39 people found this helpful
April 11, 2015
Highly recommend blue moon rocks for its sweet, flowery, blueberry-fruity aroma and taste, and it's extremely relaxing high. All anxiety is soothed and happiness becomes intense after using BMR. Cannot go wrong with this heavily indica strain.
23 people found this helpful
April 29, 2015
very strong and potent strain. heavy body high, and head high.can also fall into an energetic state. great strain for sitting around in the house,or late night use.This strain is definitely not for beginners
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May 18, 2015
This is indica dominant? Really... to me it seemed a lot more sativa dominant. The mind high was incredible and happy. While I didn't really feel like being active, I didn't feel the heavy body effects either. Over all a quite good flower and I would not hesitate to try this again.
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September 24, 2016
Since I am unable to locate the original BLUE MOON I am putting the review of the BLUE MOON I recently purchased at BREEZE BOTANICAL: 2015 09.14 - 10:38pm: BLUE MOON - THC 18.14% CBD: 06% Indica Hybrid (not sure if it is sun grown) Finally BLUE MOON showed up again … and it’s almost a FULL MOON two more nights! It couldn’t be more perfect timing. Was a bit stressed and just took a puff. It’s 10:38pm at night. It seems it is a social high and am finding that instead of doing a NATIVE BEATS writing I am checking out chat rooms. It is coming on slow but strong and I didn’t take a big hit. Nice. http://www.thinkwilder.com/blog/this-week-in-psychedelics-9916 Sometimes I just want to talk. It’s a strange thing and it doesn’t come up often and I don’t mean with vocal chords. But I do miss the chitchat sometimes. Just babbling. Not really but kind of. They are planning on making KRATOM illegal. Figures. Fuckers. Geez you find something that makes life a bit more enjoyable and they fucking slap a label on it that can send you to fucking prison! Really? Yes Really. We live in a complete insane asylum. Heh! I am probably not going to buy it illegally. I like that I could just go to the store and get something that helps but I doubt I will go out of my way to find this stuff. I have appreciated it for the time it has been here. Sing it for me Nelly: https://www.vevo.com/watch/nelly-furtado/All-Good-Things-(Come-To-An-End)-(US-Version)/USUV70702625 I just Danced to about 5 Nelly Furtado songs as they kept playing one after the other and this bud is not bad for making the body move. Nelly’s a neat character … great voice … completely unique sound and she has such gorgeous eyes. I really don’t notice eyes all that often … just a handful in this life have stood out as Amazing … the kind of eyes you just can’t not notice and hers are one of them. I rate this bud pretty high still (heh … pretty high still) I am searching for “The Love Bud” but I don’t think you can buy it in a store. I haven’t had any for a long time but it was/is a bud that is well loved on. When you buy it from a store … it’s not … it lacks the Love … it’s just not Love Bud if you know what I mean. There’s some Weed that’s like smoking a hit of ecstasy. That’s what I mean. It is bud that some one tenderly cared for … they Loved The Bud and so their Love is in the Bud. It’s not the same as store bought, but you get the idea. Maybe it was a once in a lifetime thing. Who knows I haven’t come across any like it before or since so wah! However Blue Moon is a decent bud to sort of put the mind at ease, the body relaxed from it and the fear and tension that had been going on seemed to dissipate quite a bit.
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April 25, 2015
A complete body high. I felt like I was sinking into my bed. I was really happy to find that even though I had the body high I was not too sleepy. Instead I found myself laughing and making jokes.
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