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Avatar for Mavioren

Densely packed nuggets of purple and green leafs entrenched by orange canals of pistils with large trichomes. It looks like a zebra, if a zebra was green and purple and a flower. A very distinct strain that can be identified just by sight alone. It could be considered the black and white cookie of marijuana without the upset stomach. Pleasant mix of Pine and Earth mixed with dark cherry. It is not a strong smelling bud so it makes for easier storage with less of an after smell if stealth is an issue. Taste like it smells (pine,earth and cherry) but with a stronger earth taste with a strange but pleasant dark cherry aftertaste. After a couple of drags the earth taste is overcome by the dark cherry and becomes quite a smooth smoke. No coughing felt and I cough on many strains. First effects kick in at the 10 minute mark but fully set in around 30 minutes after consumed. A clear high centered around the entire head with little effect on vision. I was able to focus on many difficult tasks and get some things I had put off finally done. Uplifting with a strong sense of contentment, this strain is great for getting up and moving. Less psychedelic and more opiate in nature, this strain has wonderful analgesic properties that work well with inflammation. Rounding up for the sake of stars, I give this strain 4 out of 5 stars. It wont blow any seasoned smokers socks off, but it is a pleasant smoke that would be a great intro strain for newcomers to marijuana. This would also be a great strain for those who like outdoor activities like hiking, biking or water sports.