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Avatar for PieRomania

I had obtained Grapefruit from my provider due to them not having my usual strains in stock a few months back. Their lineup is all outstanding, so I was more than content trying something new. Upon getting home and opening the bag, I was overwhelmed with a strong, bitter citrus aroma that was obviously the cause for it's name. Mouthwatering and almost beckons you to bring your nose closer again for multiple whiffs. Visually, this sample was beautiful. Outstanding trichome production, nice sized & dense nug structure, with shades of green, royal purple, pastel yellow, & burnt orange pistils. The flavor brought with it the same bitter citrus from the scent that was sweet/tart, again, reminiscent of real grapefruit. The effects were extremely sativa with a powerful head change, boost of energy, uplifted mood, increased creativity, focus, and even encouraged me to talk-ramble far more than usual, lol. Overall, this strain is absolutely outstanding. I'm more of an indica guy personally, but this is an incredible strain for wake & bake early in the morning. Roll a joint at night so you can wake up at sunrise with it ready to go (preferably in the Spring as I did). I sat outside on my porch watching the sun come up with a cup of coffee, a cool & fresh breeze on my face, with the sun's glare glistening off the dew still resting on the grass. An absolutely beautiful experience that was greatly improved by the cannabis. I'm sure it would be great in many other situations, but that morning will be embedded within my memory for the rest of my life. I will be picking this strain up again in the Summer for my morning/day time smoke while out on the lake. If you find a well-grown example with the characteristics I listed, pick some up and use it in rotation with 1-2 other strains throughout the day. You'll be happy you did and excited every morning which is something that doesn't happen to me often! Pictures will be posted of the sample I consumed here on Leafly soon (nugs will be set on a bright blue background for quick reference). Enjoy!

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