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Avatar for SallySmokes

This bright and happy mixture of Maui Waui and Blue Dreams makes my heart skip a beat! I. Am. In. Love. Quite seriously and literally with everything. With my boyfriend, with my dog, with the weed I just smoked, with this peanut butter and banana sandwich I'm eating (holy crap I am IN LOVE with this sandwich!)... I feel so positive, like nothing could ever bring me down again, and I think I've declared this strain "my favorite thing EVER" at least half a dozen times since I smoked it twenty minutes ago. On a more serious note, I went into this high already hungry, and barely felt like snacking when I was done smoking. When I did make myself food, however, I discovered it tasted so much better than I had expected. So I'm eating and enjoying it, but it's more because I'm enjoying the flavors, and I'm taking my time so I can savor each bite. I was also exhausted before I smoked and now I feel like I could muster up the strength to Do Something, if I had to. This one is a little hard to judge since, like I said, I was already really tired going into it, but I feel like it's worth mentioning that I do feel a nagging urge to go sketch. It's doing AWESOME things for my Fibromyalgia aches and pains!! I was in extreme amounts of pain, probably around a 7, and I'd say I'm down to a comfortable 3 or so now (which is my baseline about as good as it ever gets). There is some anxiety, but it's not overwhelming. Now that I've eaten, it feels a little better. And after writing all of this, I have to conclude that it's also a very focused high that's allowing me to really get into what I'm doing. I feel very aware and alert, not at all clouded or impaired. For perspective, I'm a many-times-over daily smoker.