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Topically applied cannabis is a natural and holistic pain reliever, providing pain management without the nasty side effects of pharmaceutical drugs. As a long time user of medical marijuana, I personally found that smoking or eating cannabis can help relieve pain, but both methods come with psychoactive side effects that patients may not want. On the contrary, cannabis-infused, topical salves do not have psychoactive side effects. When applied, cannabis-infused topical salves provide immediate local relief without any negative side effects on the internal organs and will not cause intoxication. I have been an Oregon resident for 12 years and an OMMP card holder for 9 of those years. During my orientation for my OMMP card I was told that there are four major applications for cannabis: Smoking, Vaporizing, Eating as in edibles, and applying Topically with salves. Out of these four main uses, cannabis-infused, topical salve is the only method that has zero psychoactive effects thus making it a realistic choice for many patients seeking to help alleviate chronic pain. Because of the healing power of topical salves, I started to experiment with infusing cannabis into salve bases a few years ago. The results I found were life changing. After 2 years of creating and recreating, we finalized the formulation of Bud Rub. This topical medicinal salve first began in the fall of 2011. Suffering from chronic back pain, I decided to infuse cannabis into a healing salve so I could easily apply it to my back. I made my first batch and discovered that the cannabis-infused salve truly managed my chronic back pain. I was moved so deeply that I made it my mission to get Bud Rubto as many people as possible. Bud Rub has truly changed my life for the better. In a perfect world no one would have to live with pain. However, that is not a reality… We are proud to present Bud Rub to help you relieve pain so you can live a better and happier life. Enjoy.

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