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Dinafem Seeds

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About Dinafem Seeds

Dinafem Seeds was created to offer the user a unique, special and extraordinary experience with our seeds. Before being distributors, we were anonymous purchasers of cannabis seeds, as a result, we we understand the frustration a customer can feel when they place their trust and invest their money in buying seeds that do not provide the results expected. We also know what it is to be a Grow Shop, advising customers from behind the counter and having to face customers who have bad experiences, learning every day from the community of cultivators. Later, as distributors of the best seed banks and after years of cultivating, we have also learned about what people are looking for and about how seed banks operate... These were the years when feminised cannabis seeds had just arrived and we thought it was time to jump in and create the Dinafem feminised Seeds bank. Now we are no longer anonymous, that's true, and we have to answer to our customers, who expect a lot from their experience with us. But we are still people, and have not forgotten what we learned when we were at the bottom of the pyramid. Primarily, Dinafem Seeds responds to its customers in a personal and individualised manner. We are passionate about what we do and have never ceased to learn since we started. But we are perfectly aware of where we came from. It's not about repeating time and time again, without a second thought, that “the customer is always right”, but rather acknowledging that the customer is entitled to be right. People are not as stupid as marketing or economic theories insist on making us believe. People still have the power to choose where, when, and what they buy. Without you, we wouldn't even be here and therefore, we will continue with our commitment to not letting you down.