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Essential Agronomy

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About Essential Agronomy

From The River Valleys of Southern Oregon, comes one of the most thoughtfully crafted soils to ever be offered for sale commercially. We have carefully selected some ofthe finest inputs available while keeping "Earth First" in the forefront of our mission. We set out to build one of the best soils available, with specific requirements for the Cannabis growth cycle in mind. Combining years of collective experience in cannabis agriculture with the vast amount of plant health research set fourth by Dr.William Albrecht. The torch of his work has been carried for over 50 years. Only to be revived for the present day agricultural rehabilitation of our soils and food systems. We do not use inputs that travel half way around the world and carry a heavy tax on the earth. We aim to use the best products available locally in our region. We understand that some inputs may be of animal origin. We seek the most Earth conscious and humanely harvested farming inputs we can find. We focus on biological diversity, through a cornucopia of specific inputs geared to allow a wide variety of microbial and fungal life to thrive. We provide the soil biology all the needed building blocks essential for metabolic function so they can in turn provide the needed nutrition for growing healthy plants. When we say “healthy plants” we don’t just mean fast growing and green. Our main focus is to create a soil environment that can be the catalyst to functional plant immunity within our crops. Encouraged through knowledge of plant functions with careful implementation of techniques. While nourishing and limiting environmental stress factors. We have been able to raise pest and disease resistant crops consistently. We have put together a program to help legally permitted medical farmers and recreational operations grow insect and disease resistant Cannabis. We are not selling some magic recipe or potion. We are simply offering the science combined with experience and product knowledge, to elevate those who seek to achieve such goals.