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'No More Worries'

Our story

hakuna supply is an award winning lifestyle brand built around
the circle of life. When creating products Hakuna supply focuses on
responsibilty--meaning you can buy products from hakuna supply
knowing that they were made with our communities and environment in mind.

As a leading brand in cannabis storage, trays, and accessories. hakuna
supply's mission is to work with integrity at every step of the process. From
assembly, to landing at your door you can rest assured that the
products will be high quality and the customer service will be exceptional.

hakuna supply stash boxes are made from wood or faux leather. each
stash box comes with a bamboo stash jar and 4 pc. metal grinder.
additionally, each stash box comes with our plantable seed tag which
includes a mixture of black pine, yellow pine, and spruce tree seeds.
lets all do our part in making our planet a little more green.

Stop worrying, grab your hakuna, and join in our problem free philosophy!
Beautiful Packaged in Los Angeles, CA

for more information please visit:
"no more worries"

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