Simple 3-Stage Marijuana Fertilizer System

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About Us

Reefertilizer is a three step marijuana fertilizer system designed for beginner and advanced growers alike. What our product accomplishes is a streamlined process of feeding your plants the optimum fertilizers and nutrients specifically for marijuana.We source the highest quality fertilizers from Canadian suppliers, and create a custom mix designed for all stages of a Marijuana plants growth. Guaranteed to produce a great crop when used as instructed. Not all fertilizers are the same, and this is a common mistake among beginner growers that could potentially ruin your crop and frustrate you. We want to take the guessing game out of buying marijuana fertilizers and nutrients, and provide a clear path to large bountiful marijuana plants. By following our simple three step system, anyone can grow marijuana at home. Marijuana is a versatile plant and we want to make it easier for you to grow your own. With the legalization of a harmless plant finally coming to fruition, we want to give people the tools to grow it themselves. We want to help our customers learn about growing this plant by simplifying marijuana fertilizer use. Marijuana fertilizer is crucial to the success of your crop, and knowing about how nitrogen, phospahte, potassium, and micro-nutrients affect the plant, you can become a very successful grower. The reefertilizer system makes this possible. We are dedicated to the art and skill of growing marijuana. We believe that our customer feedback is the most important thing to the development of our product. By sharing our knowledge, as well as yours, we can work together to grow a high quality plant suited for personal and medical use. If you’re a grower, feel free to ask us for a sample of our product so you can test it out yourself. Just don’t forget to send us the results!

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