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February 9, 2017
Worst Experience Ever! As a first time visit, I would rather be turned away @ 9:54 then to hurry & choose, have flower IN HAND, & get it taken away because it turned 10:01pm? So, I had said I had a fender bender & now you took my flower away & my send off is "have a nice rest of your evening!"! Are you friggin' serious!
December 7, 2018
Just picked up a gram of Platinum GSC from Mason's recommendation, that man knows his bud! Never had a bad recommendation from this shop, they are even honest if the bud isn't their favorite. The shop is so nice to hang out in, the staff is really fun to talk to and they are REAL people. Every time I walk in I feel like I'm charlie in the chocolate factory, so much to choose from it can make your head spin, but the Budtenders know their product really well. Don't feel intimidated to ask them question :)
January 29, 2017
Great selection service and prices
March 25, 2017
Absolutely love this place .ii wont go anywhere else. came in few days not feeling to well ,but had list of stuff. ,so I picked up couple different strains. (Derek) : recommended Blue Dream lavender 🐝🌻 and to have a nice chill night Sebastian recommended Razz 🍇.. I felt amazing after 🌬💯💚 thanks guys .. Ps,everyone in there is super Rad ✌💨💚🎶
April 14, 2017
Cannabliss bud tenders are really helpful every time i stop by to get my medicine. Sebastian was really cool guy, he helped me picked out the right strand i needed. Great overall experience and great prices!
January 29, 2020
Purchased an ounce that was supposed to be split between two flavors, got home and realized it was actually the same flavor twice. Now I’m stuck with 2 of the same one, and was told by the manager (Megan?) that there’s nothing they can do except offer me a discount on my next purchase. Very frustrating, will not be shopping here any longer
April 15, 2017
Going in for the first time is always a bit overwhelming, but these people know how to make you feel welcome and make sure you get what you came for at a price that is unbeatable. I will continue to use them as my go to shop. Top notch place. Super friendly environment and staff.
February 6, 2017
Customer service couldnt be any better. Christina is awesome, she even remembers my name. Very knowledgeable
October 11, 2017
Kim helped me last time and she was amazing. Was knowledgeable about product and helped me find exactly what I wanted.
July 11, 2019
It really sucks because I used to like this place, but after tonight I can never shop there again. Their "99 dollar ounce" was a price reduction on a 9 dollar a gram ounce, and when we split this 99 dollar ounce it ended up being a 99 dollar half. Which clearly no one would buy, and they should have prompted us and asked what we wanted for the next half of that split ounce, instead shuttling us through the rest of the purchase and put the door. When we went in to talk to them about the miscommunication, we waited for 15 minutes in the lobby before leaving and reclaiming our time. Good product I guess but buy at your own risk and be sure you understand their pricing structure, since they are more than happy to rip you off and won't say a thing about it. Shameless.
September 30, 2020
Budtenders went out of their way to help me get the best possible deal this morning, then proceeded to drop solid knowledge on the local scene. You never notice how mediocre your experience is elsewhere until you have an above and beyond experience like I did here. Thank you guys - new favorite for sure!
December 21, 2020
The employees are always wonderful as well as the deals! My favorite dispensary by far! Thanks for being wonderful!
March 5, 2021
They always have a decent selection, and I like that they weigh everything out when you buy it. The budtenders are the best, knowledgeable, friendly and always a smile. This is by far my favorite shop!
July 31, 2021
I shopped in the late afternoon. The staff are all so knowledgeable and friendly. I've shopped at many different dispensaries. I love this place. No need to shop anywhere else.
December 15, 2016
I drove from west Eugene today to restock, and they were closed for the day. It would have been nice if they mentioned that on Leafly.
May 26, 2017
The best shop in Springfield. They have a wide variety of flower at a reasonable price. Staff is knowledgeable and friendly. I have finally found my bliss.
December 16, 2019
i was disappointed, they did not have the preroll i had seen on here and then ended up with 2 low quality & low cost prerolls.....very disappointed.
December 6, 2018
We love this place, it's the only place we buy flower and other products. The staff is friendly and very knowledgeable. David and Kyra are very helpful and seem to know the strains very well. Always makes good suggestions when I'm not sure what I want. We come in from Blue River and we consider this store to be family, David and Kyra always make us feel at home. My husband is a veteran and medical patient and is very happy with Cannabliss. Will recommend to all family and friends. Maria and X
September 16, 2016
Just left Cannabliss again a happy customer! Great service to compliment great buds!
December 15, 2016
Dispensary is the best around! Nice flower, nice concentrates, nice attitudes, and great vibes! Ease your mind, and come check em' out!
September 21, 2016
I absolutely love this place!! the staff is super friendly and they have the best prices. I won't go anywhere else.
July 3, 2018
We will not go anywhere else! best prices, best bud, and best service. literally all around the best! we even live in Eugene now but will make the drive just to go there!
October 2, 2016
Very friendly bud tenders. knowledgeable. Very good deals daily. points system set up for customer rewards. Overall good atmosphere. Oh, and specials for duck fans on game day, so bust out your duck gear before walking through the door for discounts on game day!
September 5, 2016
Honestly, great area, nice selection. I have a pet peeve that everywhere in Eugene and Springfield seem to do. WHEN I BUT A PREROLL; I EXPECT THE WEED INSIDE TO NOT BE POWDER. Yes, grind it up, but not in a food processor. As for the employee; find another one. He obviously is working there just because "he gets to smoke and be high at work". He has lack of knowledge in the entire area. As a recreational buyer, I advise you to also teach your employees that sometimes we would like to know about the cbd levels, effects and ect. Maybe I'm rude, but I take offence that you think just because I don't have a card doesn't mean I don't use mj for medicine.