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Electric Lettuce Weidler is a recreational dispensary centrally located near the Lloyd District, Rose Quarter, and Broadway District in NE Portland - just a stone's throw from the Moda Center. We offer a righteous selection of smoking accessories, cannabis edibles and topicals, concentrates and extracts, and good old fashioned reefer. Swing by to score some dope or just to peruse our vintage magazines and spin some vinyl with us. Rec users ages 21+ and OMMP patients ages 18+ welcome. Veteran's discount is 10% off. Provide your email at checkout to join the loyalty program and get $10 back for every $200 spent. #OperatingOnaHigherFrequency #HighHowAreYou


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Electric Lettuce Reefer Feature - $6 Small Bar Woodblock Chocolate Bonanza!

If you have been wanting to try this delectable collaboration with Woodblock here's your chance! All of our 20 mg small bars are $6 and our 45 mg large bars are only $24! Stop in today for a sweet treat!

Valid from 9/1/2017 to 9/25/2017.

Cannot be combined with other discounts. All prices shown are pre-tax. Restrictions may apply.

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Electric Lettuce - Weidler

Wake & Bake with Electric Lettuce!!! We've got some groovy tunes playing and 10% off your order from 10 AM - 12 PM everyday!

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“I really wanted to like this place. Love the 1960s dopehead theme and decor outside and in. But the prices are high and the service is poor. An employee tried to drastically overcharge me, ignoring a special that he had told me about. I think it was a mistake, but I still don't excuse it. Won't be shopping here again or recommending it.”

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Comment from Electric Lettuce - Weidler

Hey Kitturk, I'm so sorry you had a bad experience at the store, but thank you for giving us a shot and for the compliments on our atmosphere. We'll take your feedback into consideration and try to improve our service.

“I came in after checking you out on Leafly, and it was one of the coolest shops I have been to! I will be back again. Chris was such an awesome budtender and really made the experience warm and welcome. I love the mural and decor 😍”

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Comment from Electric Lettuce - Weidler

Awesome! Glad you dug our shop! We tried to keep the decor cozy and fun. Thank you for reviewing us!


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