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Syracuse, NY

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May 13, 2017
Location is in a great spot. The product is fantastic but it's very expensive for the quantity of liquid in a tincture bottle.There is I think 75 drops per bottle and cost $130 after a discount. You also receive a loyalty voucher towards your next purchase which depends on the amount of money you spend. The e-cig comes with everything you need but again the small amount of oil will cost you $130 less a discount. I was impressed when I asked the strain and they told me it was White Widow. The strain took care of the chronic pain and my Neuropathy. I tried another dispensary in Syracuse and they didn't know the strain and only had liquid which was 1:1 ratio which was very cheap,$45.I haven't tried the 1:1 ratio yet.I need high THC and this is like medium. So quality wise this is the best dispensary with the best quality but it isn't cheap but I guess you pay for what get.
January 5, 2018
Etain was referred by my doctor. If this is the best business model the all female founders can create; they may need more feedback. K. Peckham, horticulturist, needs to revisit the hybrid strain used in the Forte brand. The harshness of this vape reminds me of Lebanese Red hash. Coughing until my eyes tear is not good for a medical cannabis. The sign in was as friendly as meeting any stranger on the street. " Fill out the info on the I-Pad" was the receptionist 's direction. Being a geriatric, who still uses a flip phone, this was a challenge. The info was a redundant act of personal data. Total time for my (on time) appointment was a bit over an hour. The strain of cannabis used in their meds wasn't divulged . Either didn't know or "it's a secret formula" response. So my next purchase will be with one of the other dispensaries in Syracuse.
June 16, 2017
I went here over the previous fall/winter. Location is over 45 miles away from me. Its the closest one near me. It takes me an hour to get there plus I would have to wait 30-40 min before seen even with an appointment. I tried the vaporizer 50/50 and told me it wasnt a specific strain. I dod find it helpful for moderate pain and did not last very long. maybe 2hours. It also cost me 200$ per 500ml vial which barely lasted a week if streeched. Very freindly and helpful staff and great eviroment.
February 11, 2020
Give Etain a chance!! I looked at some of the reviews here and disagree. I’ve had nothing but great experiences every time I walk in. The biggest selling point for me is their quality and purity. Price is similar to other places too. I highly recommend the forte powder. I have chronic migraines and put a serving in my coffee in the morning....headaches be gone! Would’ve given 5 stars in every category but not a fan of the location they are in and office is modern yet needs more life in there!
August 18, 2020
The ground flower is advertised as 23 % thc 740mg thc . This product is only 412 mg thc making the potency almost half. This product smells and taste like hay and does not work very well. very disappointed.
July 21, 2019
Nice people unfortunately the product is just way too expensive
April 1, 2021
The front desk person wearing the apron basically dismissed any question or comment I made. Rude and not welcoming at all. If you're having a bad day, stay home :) Never coming back here.
November 10, 2020
I’ve been to Etain a few times. Their prices have gone down over the years, but still considerably more expensive than the other locals. The oral spray is quite good, but it does have a bit of artificial sweetener taste to it, but it’s very convenient. The honey lozenges are also good. The vapes are very expensive and they only have one kind, so it’s pretty easy to look at the other local dispensaries and see how they are superior. I would probably only go here again if I was in a real bind or if they released some new products.
March 3, 2020
How do I Schedule appointment for a first time visit
January 21, 2019
Service was pretty slow even though i had an appointment, the experience left a bit to be desired however the co2 oil is very good, very expensive but very good i believe its about 850mg for $200 (it also tastes like apricots), is it the strongest out - no (not that it's weak).. but as far as quality .. for a co2 these guys and madmen are tied for the best in nys med imo, but medmen only gives you 200mg for 85 so .. advantage etain
March 30, 2021
Nice people. The “forte” simply is not better than curaleaf products. Lots of stems and trim, very harsh, not long lasting effects. For 50$ per 3.5, get the extra strength curaleaf. Much, much better for experienced smokers. Would definitely recommend for the elderly or beginning user.
July 9, 2019
Went once. Came in without an appointment and caught a couple minutes of lecture about needing an appointment, then waited 20 minutes with my elderly mother (who is the patient) before we were seen. We got up to make an appointment to come back and then leave when someone came out to see us. Never saw another patient there the entire wait and when someone came out from the back they were surprised we were waiting. The rest of the visit wasn’t better. Tried the powder, because that’s what we had been using in the past as a patient in a different state, but had to increase the dose 6x from the brand we’d been using before. Our preferred medicine is the powder, but we switched to drops and drive 30 miles out of our way to shop somewhere else.