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As an exclusively OLCC- & OMMP-licensed Recreational & Medical Dispensary, our customers now can purchase greater amounts of their favorite products at Happy Leaf! We carry the finest bud, edibles, prerolls, concentrates, topicals, and seeds that we can find so YOU can get the exact products you're looking for. Our budtenders are knowledgeable, warm, and absolutely engaged in providing you the care that you need. Our products are all lab-tested and approved. *We are located just blocks from Lloyd Center Mall in the bustling Irvington/Broadway District. We are accessible by several bus lines and the NE 11th Ave. MAX Station, and we boast ample protected parking. We are proud to provide ADA accessible space to ensure every person, regardless of ability, is accommodated and welcomed.* We look forward to helping you today!


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“I'm 24 and from Kentucky, so over the course of the last 3 years and change I've only had a limited number of opportunities to go to dispensaries (this one being my 4th) but it's the best one I've been too and I "highly" recommend it”

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“Everything's great except the astronomical prices. I decided to stop in after having lunch at Pastinis around the corner. All the flower was gorgeous, but I nearly collapsed when I saw your prices. You are currently charging $330 an ounce for Purple Hindu Kush. I got the EXACT same Purple Hindu Kush, same grower, for literally 1/3rd that price at $110 an ounce at another dispensary. How do I know it's the exact same grower? Well what are the odds that two different growers would have tested both at exactly 22.58% THC and 0.096% CBD? I can understand some places charge more than others, but literally triple the price is insane; and don't forget the more expensive it is, the more tax you pay. Another example of your prices being out of line with the norm. You charge $21 for a box of Wyld Chocolates. I can get those exact same Chocolates for $13 a box. Not to mention the place that sells them for $13 has a buy one get one half price on edibles every Monday, so if I go there on a Monday I can literally get two boxes of Wyld Chocolates for LESS than you guys are charging for one box. You're still in business so some poor, uninformed people must be paying your exorbitant prices. I for one will not be ripped off. I left empty handed, which is extremely rare for me when I visit a new dispensary. Get your prices in line with your competitors and I'd go back, otherwise good luck to you.”

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