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Problem Salved CBGA topical (2oz) by Simply Sol

CBD 599.0percent
Problem Salved CBGA topical (2oz) by Simply Sol
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About this product

600mg CBD + CBGa topical | "Our original formulation and longtime best seller, the Problem Salved is a truly miraculous heating and cooling salve that is proven to radically neutralize muscle pain and tension, relieve tension headaches, reduce inflammation (acute or general) and provide rapid emergency relief during cramps or spasms. Named after the immediacy of the effects once applied, this salve truly is a life saver, with majority of users reporting noticeable difference in pain and comfort levels within minutes of their initial application. Clear out some room in the medicine cabinet once and for all. We infuse our locally sourced, always organic oils with our finest homegrown organic CBD and medicinal herbs to create a deeply nutritive base designed to quickly penetrate the skin and muscles. The further addition of our highly concentrated CBD distillate delivers the deep curing effects which lend to true long term relief with consistent use. Directions For Use: Apply directly to the afflicted area taking care to avoid sensitive areas such as eyes, mouth, and groin Contains: Olive Oil, CBD Leaf, Comfrey, Arnica, Hemp Root, Beeswax, Menthol, CBGA Full Spectrum Crude Oil Extract, Vitamin E Homegrown on our fully organic farm with sun, water, compost tea and homemade ferments. Because we recognize that minimal inputs never means lacking when you support the land and trust nature to do what it does best." - Simply Sol Farm

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