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The Mint Cannabis - Tempe

Guadalupe, AZ
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April 13, 2020
When all other dispensaries are doing curbside and pickup only, Mint REMOVED pickup/online orders. And removed regular deals. Used to be my favorite spot. Now, it's a danger to the community.
April 7, 2020
Verified Shopper
normally love this place, good deals and tacos on fridays sometimes... BUT I doubt I'll be coming back, their handling COVID19 is absolutely a joke., long lines with NO options for pick up?? are you kidding me, this should be criminal negligence.
June 22, 2020
Terrible customer service by far from any dispensary I been to !!! Very disrespectful and rude budtender didnt seem to have a care in the world for her job the way she was talkin to customers. First off, i was waiting in line in front of the kitchen window (like your supposed to) and budtender called the guy barely walking in to her station and let him cut me after I been waiting for 10 min already! I was a lil ticked off but I brushed that off and let her have the benefit of the doubt. I get called over to the station right next to hers and ask to see the shake half ounces since they were out of the Gpen tanks I wanted. MY budtender goes to get the shake half ounce and shows me but I'm not too intrigued by it cuz it's at a point past shake it looks so finely grinded it look like keif!! lol I made a joke and was like" damn that look like keif" lol .. the RUDE BUDTENDER that let the guy go in front of me then tried to pitch in her two cents and says "you must not know what shake is" nd tells me I dont know what I'm talkin bout and I told her I seen plenty of shake ounces before from MINT and other dispenseries as well but none of them were that finely grinded lol she then said "i work at a dispensary I'm sure I know more then you" I laughed and she got mad and tried to get me kicked out cuz "she wasnt having it today" lol that was her excuse . I asked her why u trying to get me kicked out and had no response. after she left her customer hanging for 5 min trying to argue with me (when she isnt even my budtender!!) the customer looked puzzled like why are u talkin to him for u supposed to be helping me out lol. she even took off her mask to threaten me to kick me out n making a big scene banging on the window screaming for security like she is getting robbed or something lol she called security but security must know she is full of shit because security said it's ok just make ur purchase . even my budtender apologized for her coworker senseless actions. I decided I didnt want to spend my money at this location after that rude disrespectful display of customer service !! it was very unprofessional and surely wasnt up to standards by any means and if u let budtenders talk to ur customers like that u gonna lose alot of business . Poor decision making and lack of respect to the customers equals bad reviews and bad business. Highly disappointed in my visit and not lookin to come back due to ur rude disrespectful budtender that decided it was a good idea to disrespect me like that in front of her customer. VERYY VERYY UNPROFESSIONAL it amazes me how u even let a maniac like that work inside ur business thinkin she can kick people out like that for no reason just cuz she doesn't agree with my opinin and she wasnt even my budtender !!! lol crazy lady needs to be fired or trained again or something because she does NOT KNOW how to act like a reasonable proffesional human being AT HER JOB . these type of actions are uncalled for and easily couldve been avoided if she just mind her business and stick to her OWN customer instead of going out of her way to insult me . consequences should be followed. write up or get rid of that maniac !! she is bad for business ! even her customer n OWN COWORKERS looked disgusted in her !! truly disgraceful
April 16, 2020
Verified Shopper
I used to LOVE coming into Mint. I recommended it to multiple people because they had the best deals in the valley, good products, and mostly good service. However, ever since the coronavirus started, they have gone completely downhill. They stopped online ordering because apparently making people stand in line is going to stop the spread? All other dispensaries in the valley are offering curbside pickup. While I understand that Mint is much larger than most dispensaries, I would think that they would want a better system in place than making people stand in line for an hour for the purpose of bud tenders trying to sell you more stuff. Doesn’t sound like the patients best interest in mind if you ask me. Then they started doing Bingo on Instagram live which I thought was a lot of fun and a good way to keep people interested. However, today I asked for a card and was told it would be emailed to me. Nothing ever came. So I messaged them around 4pm to see if they were still sending out the bingo cards or if there was a mistake. They read the message but never responded. So I sent another message asking if I could use the same card from the April 7th game. Again, no response. So I figured I would go ahead and play anyway since the card was still working just fine. I got a bingo and posted such on the insta live at the same time another patient did. They let him pick his prize and then continued on so I asked if I would not receive a prize because he did, even though on my end it showed I had posted bingo first (I have screenshots to prove it). They didn’t respond to me AGAIN, but had no issues allowing the other patient to be rude to me for asking that question. Then, the cherry on top - the next round of bingo had 2 winners! Great! So apparently, I’m just going to get ignored. I have only been an mmj card holder since October 2018, but drop hundreds of dollars EVERY time I come in. The least amount of money I have ever spent in one visit was $165. On 4/20 last year I spent $700. I’m disappointed in the crappy way I was treated over a game and even more disappointed that Mint is more concerned with pushing product on people and making them stand in line instead of simply fulfilling online orders to get people in and out the door and decreasing the risk of spreading a virus that has been deadly for thousands of people. Will not be bringing my business to mint any longer, nor will I be recommending them from now on.
April 26, 2017
Way over hyped. Budtender just stood there, no help or suggestions. Prepackaged product and they don't even give you a choice of the one you buy. Why do places insist on putting buds in a jar for you to see? You take the best bud of the bunch and showcase it, big deal, I want to see MY buds I am taking home. I much prefer deli style so I can see actually what I am getting. Not impressed at all, almost walked out without buying anything. Ended up taking the $75 half oz. 420 special. More disappointment! Buds were extremely dry, put a few in grinder and less than half turn....POOF.... turned to dust. Effects are good, happy with that part which is the only minor positive experience. Not for me, won't return.
April 26, 2017
first time customer here - would not recommend and wont be back. Sadly this is solely because the interaction I just had with the manager on the afternoon of tues 4/25. I came in solely to buy clear cartridges. I asked my friendly bud tender if there was a special. He then asked the manager on duty who confirmed that yes the cartridges were on sale. The budtender said they were buy 2 get 1 free. I was thrilled and going to buy 3. Then 5 minutes later as the budtender was ringing me up - I asked him if he could ask how long the special was for because I wanted to come back and buy more later in the week. So He asked the manager how long the cartridge sale was for....and now she replies that they aren't on sale at all and that the sale was over. Myself and the budtender were shocked and told her that we had just asked her this question and she had said they were on sale. She was then very rudely replied with that "she's a little busy and thought he had asked about something else." So the sale I was just told about 5 min prior was then not honored due to the managers mistake. This was a $60 mistake on my first time visit and extremely poor customer service. Disappointed.
March 20, 2020
Verified Shopper
I have the choice of going to you, one of my favorite dispensaries. You are forcing me to choose between my health & my medication? I’m already immunocompromised... why would you make me stand in line? Look at every other dispensary & the govt guidelines. You are going to get everyone shut down. Please, REVERSE THE NO ONLINE DURING A PANDEMIC POLICY. It is dangerous to everyone. If you don’t, be ashamed. You chose profit over patients.
April 10, 2020
Verified Shopper
Not taking the pandemic into consideration......? You're part of the problem. I refuse to support this building. Nothings worth your negligence on this matter.
July 2, 2020
Closed for a day... but still asking employees to come back the following day without testing and asking others who have gotten tested to return prior to their results being read.. money is more important than their own employees and definitely more than their patients!! I’m sure this will also be deleted!!
March 21, 2020
Verified Shopper
no leafly orders...unreal at a time like this
March 19, 2020
Verified Shopper
so instead of keeping online orders open and allowing for quick interactions. you would rather us just line up and hang out for long periods of time with each other. a shame really.
March 31, 2017
Honestly I have tried 20+ dispensary. This location is nice with great parking and a friendly guard at the door. Now the flower selection is good, however I purchased 2 of the "best they had". Wow REALLY REALLY DRY!!!! I wish you could post pics of what you bought because when you pay for quality you expect quality. This place is for the "budget " smoker who thinks 25 dollar eighths are bomb. Lol
April 2, 2020
I’m not coming back again. I came every week for 50% Kind carts and now they decide to drop it to 25%. After I’ve been coming for 6 months spending $100s of dollars every week you decide to drop discounts as everyone is out here struggling due to Covid-19. I’ve ripped up my BOGO card I had filled out and the free preroll cards as I will not be coming back. BOOOOOOO
April 16, 2017
I wish that the bud tenders knew what they were doing, and the management as well.. I'm a patient looking to better myself, and I can feel when all the dispensary cares about is the next sale... the deals are OK, but it seems the discounted meds are discounted for more than. the reason of helping patients. Poor quality flower, edible selection is nice. I would return if I saw the flower improve, but I still haven't smoked what I got last time. 420 deals are a joke!
April 17, 2020
Verified Shopper
I used to go here regularly, but their response to the pandemic has been (and continues to be) abysmal. They removed pick up orders for some insane reason - because standing in line around other people is totally going to help stop the spread? And they're the only dispensary in the valley that stopped their deals due to coronavirus. I can no longer support this company.
April 6, 2020
Verified Shopper
I like the many different options that Mint dispensary has to offer. I do not like the prices and lack of good deals. I do not like how they did away with the Leafly online orders at a crucial time when Covid-19 is is a health concern. There are many individuals with MMJ cards that would be very adversely affected if they contracted the virus so having online orders, I feel, would have helped cut down on having so many people in such a small space at a time therefore cutting down on the spread. Mint was my first dispensary that I went to after obtaining my card but the prices and lack of larger quantities has made me go elsewhere.
April 15, 2017
I waited in the lobby for 20 minutes. When they finally called me back, there was another line to stand in that was even longer. It took almost an hour to get my flower. and the flower was dry. Avoid this place. There are many better places to spend your time and money.
February 10, 2021
F*** recreational.
July 1, 2017
Finally! a dispensary with the b**ls to open in Guadalupe... to bad this dispensary is utter trash! . first of all after you've made your selection there's always an awkward 20mins of silence while the budtender keys in your order, second they are ALWAYS advertising marijuana that they DO NOT have which last time I checked is called false advertisement! . finally their inconsistency in discounts, sales, and quality is the most frustrating thing I've seen out of a dispensary in Arizona . avoid at all costs, far superior dispensaries are just up the street
April 16, 2017
the flower was super dry and over priced. the concentrate wasn't that great and again over priced. I will not be going back here and would not recommend.
September 1, 2017
Not the place to go if you want a nice good selection of flower. they only had 13 strains when I went. 4 of which are priced at $15/gram. The bud tender told me they outsource from the best so they only sell the best flower...great, then I'm going directly to that dispensary and buying from them at the regular price!! I don't need to pay inflated prices for flower I can get 3 miles from my own house! Lots of Hype and swag here...not much else. The FTP special isn't that special since you end up paying for the swag in the price of the bud. Oh and the tax rate is 10.4%!! In phx it's 8.6 and most places include it nowadays. The bud tender advised me if I went to a tempe shop it would be 14%. Hello? why do you think I go to phx shops? Better prices, better selection, same quality. Don't be fooled by this place.
April 21, 2017
Maybe it's because they are new, maybe it's because they are just good at what they do, but this was my first experience at a dispensary where they had every single item I had pre-planned on purchasing. Normally I go in with a game plan and get told oh we're out of that that, oh yeah no that special sold out .. really gets me anxious and I make on the spot decisions and instantly regret them when I leave .. not the case with The Mint and my bud tender was super super patient and kind to me and I really respect how this place is doing business but keeping the patient first! Keep up the great work and I will be back ..again and again haha! ✌🏼😃
November 12, 2022
i’ve never felt disappointed while leaving a dispensary until tonight. i waited for almost an hour in the drive thru line just to be told at the window that they no longer have medical licensing and will not serve medical patients under 21. i’ve been a patient at this location since i got my medical card almost 3 years ago but i don’t think i’ll be returning to this location again. i won’t be surprised if they start doing this with other locations to save themselves the money. i’d rather give my money to a business that values their medical patients.
July 31, 2017
called ahead of time and asked for two different strains to be put on hold. I didn't check it, thinking they got it right, wrong. they gave me only two of the same strain. why is this a big deal? because I wanted a indica and a sitiva, and I payed for it so I expect to get what I ordered. first and last visit. I called and explained the situation, said a manager would call me. no one called. came from phoenix for crappy service, I don't recommend this place!