The Botanist - Buffalo

Buffalo, NY

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100 Reviews of The Botanist - Buffalo

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November 12, 2018
50 minutes into the process, one of the first 10 in line, and still no product. Plus the price list looks outrageous
August 10, 2019
Their product is most definitely low grade & not at all like the PharmaCannis 450 mg 20:1 Blue Vape even though that is what the product package states. After my dismal visit, I open up the tube to find a very large bubble on the top/side of the cartridge. When I got it heated, it leveled out to the point where it appeared to be at least three days old, *one cartridge lasts me 7-8 days* loosing about six dbl hits. I also noticed that by the time I got to the indented part of the inner cartridge, the product tasted like old pot residue that we used to scrape off bongs and pipes. That burnt taste stays in your mouth for hours after! So next Vape up (I buy 3 at a time) & yes, same bubble at the top. I then opened tube #3 only to find yet a larger bubble. I packed everything back up & went down expecting a refund or replacement for the severe lack of product. In total, I would estimate 3/4 of one vape cart was missing due to the bubbles. I explained my dilemma to be met with "How do we know you didn't hit each of these cartridges then thought we would replace all three for you? You purchased these 7 days ago so that would be enough time for you to use that much product....if not more." I was floored but proceeded to ask about a refund or replacement only to be told NO refunds are EVER given (it is against the law after all!!) I had to accept inferior and shorted product AND an attitude thrown in as a bonus. When I purchased the 3 vapes, I asked for the $7 pen but she put the $20+ one in my bag without telling or showing me what she gave me. Since the receipt did not label each item, I had no idea how much I paid for the pen until I figured out how much each vape was minus their meager discount. It was well over $20 yet I had no way of showing I had purchased it theresince it was 'hidden' within the receipt to look as though I purchased only 3 vapes and no pipe. And of course, once home I took four hits over five hours only to have the pen just shut down with no lights coming on at all. It stayed cold even though I had it charging at three different locations throughout my house when other pens charged with no issue. Here I am with the defective vape pen in this pleather & metal case that I did not ask for being told they do not guarantee their vape pens and I was just out of luck. I then CALMLY ask what they were going to do about the product that was missing thanks to the bubbles on each vape cartridge. He then goes on a ten minute explanation about how the machine fills each cartridge the exact same amount and NEVER had they had any issues with bubbles. Since he had it in his mind I was trying to get free product from them, he stood his ground leaving me standing there with a broken pen and inferior product that was shorted @ $81 a vape cartridge & a $20 some vape pen that did not work and they could not replace. I live on SSDI so this is not something that I can take lightly...it represents most of my food money and emergency money. This was not the first time here... like that even matters. I went ONLY because of their location. Never again though! Customer service is beyond unbelievably poor. Their product is far inferior to PharmaCannis (their FULL container 450mg 20:1 Blue Vape is $90. With my 10% SSDI discount, -$8.oo & bulk discount, -$5.27, I pay $75.73 for FAR Superior product that is guaranteed. NO hassle refunds with no questions asked on both product and a VOLUNTEER offer to replace my cheap pen since I purchased it from them months prior. If you want great product that is guaranteed with an easy return policy with no questions asked. Professionally trained staff who remember your name after meeting you once and who really care about your health and how their product can help you cope with pain and discomfort. All this combined with a very efficient system staffed with people who get you in and out in mere minutes. When I leave I hear my name said at least six times by all employees in the office as they bid me farewell. The cashier at The Botanist does not even look up or wish you good bye or a good day after you pay, even if you are the only one in the store...which is common. Seriously, even though it is an hour drive R/T to PharmaCannis, it is well worth it to know I am covered 100% and the 'mari-tenders' know my name and by now my usual order! They could teach The Botanist how to operate a business properly so your waiting room is always full. N I will not be visiting here again after the rude and unnecessary accusatory transaction I had the last time in. I was made to feel like a junkie begging for product because I cheated and now wanted more free. I have never been treated and cheated like that at one time. And I never will be treated like that again. I hope you follow suit.
April 23, 2019
This place is by far the worst place in buffalo customer service wise was there a couple of weeks ago and the guy blond short hair sold me a cart that did not work with my battery etain carts work with etain batteries not my pharmacannis battery knowing this he still sold me the cartridge.It was sold to me on a Friday and had to wait all the way till Monday to bring it back and when I did they accused me of trying to just return it used and stated that they could not refund the burn out atomizer cart with still had all of the product within.On top of that they tried to sell me another cart seems more like a drug dealer then a licensed dispensary for cannabis.Now I'm out 75 dollars still have this broken cart and will never return to that place. There staff are laughable at best being more pothead then pharmacist and the customer service is worse they dont even sell there own products so they will send u to etain if u have any issues and not refund your money.May I mention the etain dispensary is halfway across New York what a joke for the struggling NY canna patient.
July 5, 2020
This dispensary is nice.... I think I couldn’t go in and look at any of the products the guy explained it to me pretty fast, but he was knowledgeable. The thing that got me was after I payed for my prescription they asked me to go out the front door to the “side door”!!!! Then it got sketchy. I had to follow duck tape arrows around the street corner in buffalo and stand inside of a duck tape box under a camera waiting for almost two hundred dollars worth of medical marijuana!!! Totally not safe. Guys were driving by staring at me and cat calling then I had to walk back down the street to my car. I mean come on do you want people to get robbed? It was completely unprofessional and quiet frankly dangerous. I couldn’t imagine anyone being ok with this. Guys you have more options then this! If this is your only choice then you should be walking your customers especially females to their vehicles. Next on the list the price is insane I could by three quarters for the price of one weeks worth in a dispensary in NY. Who can afford this? They say one puff every four hours but if you have any tolerance to cannabis your going to be out in a week tops! There is no way these vapes last 80 days for anyone!! NY made medical marijuana legal but if no one can afford it then how is it helping anyone?
November 29, 2018
Security was polite and informational. Rebecca was kind and provided great customer service. The pharmacist, Dan, was very patient with all my questions and answered them all kindly. Very informational staff. The prices were higher, but anyone with a half a brain knows wholesaling for someone else will be now expensive. So i'm excited to see the new products and prices in January or February when they get their new machine. Everyone's first visit to any office takes more time then the following appointments, idk why everyone is so surprised. Can't beat the location!
December 7, 2018
1st time to a medical mj store. I chose the Botanist on Seneca St in Buffalo. I suffer from chronic pain and multiple sensory sensitivities with sound being the worst. When I got to the pharmacist, Dan.. he was so quick to act, taking me to a private room for the consult. He was also very informative. Given the 10 minute average time a patient is allotted with a medical professional these days, it was so refreshing and comforting to not be rushed. Dan was also kind enough to lead me out another way, saving me as much exposure as he could. He told me too, that security would be made aware of my situation and they would seek to accommodate me anyway they could. And what’s nice too is this new business is going to have a section for consults and a section just for refills. It seems they’ve put a lot of thought into the customer experience...AWESOME!! I thank you for it!
January 24, 2019
Went to the Botanist for the first time yesterday. It was a great experience unlike another place I went , they were warm and inviting. They were educated about cannabis and gave me choices about my pain medication. The place was warm and decorated very well, not the sterile environment that I have been to in the past. I will return thank you
March 4, 2019
Very professional, knowledgeable, friendly, helpful.need I say more!?
January 18, 2019
I have visited twice and had great experiences. From security to pharmacist entire staff is welcoming and knowledgeable.
January 31, 2023
The Botanist has fallen behind in product variety. The Botanist rarely has quarters. The Botanist has the highest prices and fewest deals. They sell 1/8's for $50 that are $150 ounces at other medical dispensaries. Feel less like a patient and more like a pay day lately
February 21, 2019
We have been going to the Botanist for 3 months now and can’t say enough about how friendly the staff is. The Pharmacist Dan is extremely knowledgeable and helpful, whether it’s the initial consultation or the ongoing monitoring of your progress. The experience has been great!
November 27, 2020
I have been to the Botanist a few dozen times since I got my MMJ card 2yrs ago. Ever since the first time I visited the Botanist, I have never been anywhere else since. They give discounts for Medicare,Medicaid, and for Veterans which is very good, cause costs can add up fast. As far as the people I believe they have the best and mostly very knowledgeable about the products and how they differ and they help you find the right mix or whatever you need to help yourself based on your pain and you Doctors referral. I would never tell anyone to go anywhere else but the Botanist. Good job guys, keep up the GREAT WORK. STAY SAFE HAPPY HOLIDAYS. ROB
June 10, 2019
I have been to all 3 dispensaries in the area & this one is way more expensive than the other two. Not only were the products I purchased expensive, but they tasted HORRIBLE. The mouth spray is awful & the powder doesn’t dissolve in any liquid I’ve tried except hot coffee. The atmosphere was very nice, but I found the pharmacist to be pushy, prices are too expensive & products taste bad. Keep in mind you are out of luck if you don’t like something you buy from any of the dispensaries. There is a no return policy at all of them. For the cost of the products you’d better be sure you will like them. The other two dispensaries have better prices & much more palatable products.
November 23, 2020
Very helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable staff. Pleasant atmosphere an never a long wait.
July 27, 2020
First time checking out this place was last week. It's set up for COVID right now, so I didnt get a look inside. They seem to have a good selection available. Front desk was helpful. Whoever I asked a couple questions to over the phone didnt seem overly knowledgable. But mostly, I opened up my matter cartridge yesterday and there was a small leak inside the container (its still usable). I noticed a small chip/crack in the cartridge at the top, and something sounds loose when its shaken just a bit. I'm not sure if that's affecting the draw/flow, but for $75 I'm a bit disappointed. I'll give this place another shot (another cartridge I bought was not damaged), but the first visit was average at best overall unfortunately because of that.
November 5, 2019
Verified Shopper
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the “order online/pickup” service!! It was such an easy process!! My order was promptly filled, and when I arrived to pick up my order, I was only there a few minutes!! Also, on this particular day, they had lost their power due to the storm the night before. When I originally went down that morning, I was greeted at the door by an extremely apologetic association stating he had no idea when they would be up and running. I was so bummed because I honestly did not want to drive to Williamsville... However, early that afternoon, I tried the website one last time before leaving for a long ride to Williamsville /: BUT... the store had since went back online and open for business!! I was so incredibly happy!! Also, they are committed to our community by various clothing and food drives they have going on! Not to mention, this is my second month utilizing this particular service to rely less on traditional medication, and I can absolutely see the difference in myself!! And it would not be possible without the amazing staff they employ! Cannot day enough about this place!!
May 17, 2019
I am a MMJ patient in Buffalo and I do not plan on going anywhere else. Dan, the pharmacist, was wonderful my first time there. I had used a fair bit of marijuana previous to becoming an MMJ patient, and still, Dan sat me down and explained everything to me down to how it might interact, both positively and negatively, with the medications I take every day. The staff is wonderful and they truly make me feel special and like part of the family every time I walk through the door. The team here has helped me through my worst to get back to my best. They are all about one thing at the Botanist: Compassionate Care.
November 28, 2020
Security is strick everyone is like my new family they are awesome people who serve us from Seneca street. and data owl is money in the bank for a future purchase! Go now tell them Christopher sent you !!!!!!
February 13, 2020
I like the location because it's close for me and no problems getting what I need . I went in Today and was asked if I was a Veteran , yes , offered me a Thank You Token for my service . Awesome Idea , Thanks . Bruce Mc .
November 2, 2020
This has been interesting! Close by so convenient for me. The pharmacist who helped me decide on product usage was extremely helpful. It is clean and looks inviting , but the process of entering, getting my product and exiting is very confusing and weird.
February 28, 2021
Verified Shopper
5 Stars for service and atmosphere, 1 star for quality for inventory. I gave 4 stars for the inventory, because I like them so much, but it’s really 1 STAR. You force me to go elsewhere. I hate the other place. This place is amazing except for the fact that it has no flower. I love everything about this place and I feel like a pile of dog poop going elsewhere, but they gots what I need!
May 3, 2019
Best dispensary in WNY. Prices AND quality better than medmen. customer service is also top notch. Beautiful and friendly helpful workers!
March 18, 2020
Verified Shopper
Everyone is always friendly and helpful. Quick in and out. Other dispensaries are not so friendly and not so quick. Plus the Botanist has a great variety of items on their menu. I highly recommend!!!!
January 21, 2019
I bought two co2 cartridges from pharmacannis, unfortunately both of them pulled terribly even when i covered the carbs, the clerk mentioned that they had changed their oil to be pure as that was a concern of mine however i purchased two cartridges directly from them just one month ago and they worked fine and were also undiluted, i was able to get a small amount of product out and into one my xl etain carts but a good amount got wasted and at these exorbitant prices you just expect qc to be a priority.