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A-Train Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This is probably the 4th strain that I've tried since I got my prescription and man, it is the first to really bring me back to the high I remember from the 90's when I was using this in my teens... I got absolutely giggly to the max, and definitely wasn't stressed about anything. Fun one for the afternoon/evenings for me...”

  • “it is a good strain I believe and I must say I ate food to an incredible degree all last week because all last week I had the A Train. I found also that I was seriously horny lol. But I have been more stoned and for longer times. I smoke daily but still this is a new strain for me and I was hoping for a little more punch. Nice taste though.”

  • “This has recently become one of my favorite mid day/evening/nightly vapes. I'm not a huge Sativa fan, and this brings the Sativa punch of Trainwreck, with the pain control and sedative qualities of Mazar. It has the classic taste of Trainwreck with a really pleasant underlying hash-y flavor.”

  • “This strain gets me going like choo-choo and "I think I can...I think I can." It's a really driven and powerful strain. I get the intense high, sharp eye visions with brain buzzin' at best. A-Train is more of a recreational than medical bud to me. It uplifts my mood a bit too tense for my symptoms but I like it a lot after the high comes down to a plateau. I would buy this for the winter day blues.”

  • “I love this hybrid for low key evenings with a couple small sessions and a longer one to unlock the Mazar narcotic like qualities for the sleep.”

  • “beautiful tight nugs, and a pleasure to grow.... so stinky, and definitely under rated strain, that needs to be on everyone's radar, and grown out at least once.... If I would compare it to any clone only out there that I have tried, it would have to be Socal Master... But not as strong, but this one definitely has more of a psychoactive effect, and is a creeper that will take you through a long dark tunnel of a mind...”

  • “Было дело”

  • “I haven't had the giggles from smoking weed in a long while!! I'm so happy this was on sale so I could try it. One of my new favorites, for sure!!”