A-Train Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This is probably the 4th strain that I've tried since I got my prescription and man, it is the first to really bring me back to the high I remember from the 90's when I was using this in my teens... I got absolutely giggly to the max, and definitely wasn't stressed about anything. Fun one for the afternoon/evenings for me...”

  • “Было дело”

  • “it is a good strain I believe and I must say I ate food to an incredible degree all last week because all last week I had the A Train. I found also that I was seriously horny lol. But I have been more stoned and for longer times. I smoke daily but still this is a new strain for me and I was hoping for a little more punch. Nice taste though.”

  • “I was pretty sick when I tried this strain. I remember it seeming to help with nausea. I recall it to be very potent for sexual arousal. I can't give an accurate rating, but I will try this strain again.”

  • “Sweet Jesus is this strain amazing, I lucked out and got it in concentrate from Seattle Private Reserve. This stuff not only makes happy but it also tastes and smells AMAZING, upon your first dab you'll totally understand what I mean. I recommend this to all as it is an amazing hybrid! Do NOT pass it up if you see it, I swear to all of you, you will love it! Hope aboard the A-Train my friends and we will all getting ...”

  • “beautiful tight nugs, and a pleasure to grow.... so stinky, and definitely under rated strain, that needs to be on everyone's radar, and grown out at least once.... If I would compare it to any clone only out there that I have tried, it would have to be Socal Master... But not as strong, but this one definitely has more of a psychoactive effect, and is a creeper that will take you through a long dark tunnel of a mind...”

  • “One of my favorite strains, not because of strenght but the type of sativa high. Not saying its not strong because its very strong, the high is just different and last a while.”

  • “I had a bad really experience with this one. Of all the strains I have tried so far this is the only one to cause lots of anxiety and paranoia for me. The benefits of the high, hunger and slight arousal, felt really low compared with the negatives, so I couldn't recommend this one to anyone.”