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Alaska Thunder Grape Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Alaskan Thunder Grape (also know as Grape Thunder) Looks: White and purple buds with a fair amount of red hairs and bright green leaves here and there. Some of the most beautiful bud ive ever seen. My man said he could only spare a q but it came as 2 thick crown nugs. For some reason he doesnt like the crowns. The trich coverage is top 3 ive seen, the bud is actually green but so covered it looks white. Smell/Taste: ...”

  • “it is an absolutely smooth hit. such beautiful purple... worth the extra cost as a treat...”

  • “I am going through the rigorous process of acquiring a Medical Marijuana Card and just wanted to do some research on the variety of strains. And this one in particular happened to catch my eye as it suggests in helping with eye pressure and has nearly no negative response. But with time and trial and error along with keeping record of use time and dates as well as method and type of strain most people can formulate a...”