Black Betty Reviews

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  • “WHOA This Black Betty ramba lambaed my ding dong.”

  • “The best way to describe this is lyrical.. Whoa, Black Betty (bam-ba-lam) She really gets me high (bam-ba-lam) You know that's no lie (bam-ba-lam)”

  • “Black Betty is like smoking for the first time. It's long-lasting. I took 3 bong rips between 4pm and 8pm and was good for at least 3-4 hours after that. One or two really would have been optimal. Makes me super euphoric and philosophical; super amusing thoughts popping into my head for hours. I also spent a lot of time watching Vines, to be fair. But the best part is what it doesn't do. No dry mouth, no munchies, ...”

  • “I picked up a sack of Black Betty unaware of it's Euphoric Strength. I was traveling on the Max Train in downtown Portland when I realized I missed my stop by 4 stations! I was in a Euphoric Day Dream! This Sativa Dominant Hybrid cross of East Coast Sour D and AK-47 packs a 3-4 hour high! Love it! Usually sells fast when in stock at your local dispensary!!! Do not by pass if you like a euphoric buzz! Not a good ...”

  • “This is your GrandparentsGetHigh live high review: Granny: I feel high, but still feel pretty clear headed. It is a clean high. I felt slightly tingly everywhere, which was relaxing and helped tremendously with my chronic pain. The tingles feel like a massage. I am energetic and happy. Gramps: Was too high to answer for a few minutes. He said that taking his contacts out and brushing his teeth were "excruciatin...”

  • “Black Betty is A-OK! Gets you stoned, that's for sure. I don't any euphoria from it, though... to me, it's just a very decent sativa leaning hybrid... the kind of strain you smoke before cleaning your house.”

  • “oooh Black Betty! very strong onset! can make me feel a bit like I just stepped off a rollercoaster or a scrambler. Definitely get creative thoughts going, but can easily turn to paranoia. be in a safe place and a good state of mind.”

  • “Top-shelf Cannabis that grades well on appearance, smell, and taste so three stars for that. Was recommended to me for neuropathic pain and failed there so zero stars for medical effect that user sought. On the other hand, it seems good for nausea and poor appetite - add a half star. Would recommend it to a friend who had nausea and appetite issues but it's not that good for pain - at least severe pain. I have no p...”