Black Betty Reviews

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  • “The best way to describe this is lyrical.. Whoa, Black Betty (bam-ba-lam) She really gets me high (bam-ba-lam) You know that's no lie (bam-ba-lam)”

  • “WHOA This Black Betty ramba lambaed my ding dong.”

  • “Black Betty is like smoking for the first time. It's long-lasting. I took 3 bong rips between 4pm and 8pm and was good for at least 3-4 hours after that. One or two really would have been optimal. Makes me super euphoric and philosophical; super amusing thoughts popping into my head for hours. I also spent a lot of time watching Vines, to be fair. But the best part is what it doesn't do. No dry mouth, no munchies, ...”

  • “I picked up a sack of Black Betty unaware of it's Euphoric Strength. I was traveling on the Max Train in downtown Portland when I realized I missed my stop by 4 stations! I was in a Euphoric Day Dream! This Sativa Dominant Hybrid cross of East Coast Sour D and AK-47 packs a 3-4 hour high! Love it! Usually sells fast when in stock at your local dispensary!!! Do not by pass if you like a euphoric buzz! Not a good ...”

  • “This is your GrandparentsGetHigh live high review: Granny: I feel high, but still feel pretty clear headed. It is a clean high. I felt slightly tingly everywhere, which was relaxing and helped tremendously with my chronic pain. The tingles feel like a massage. I am energetic and happy. Gramps: Was too high to answer for a few minutes. He said that taking his contacts out and brushing his teeth were "excruciatin...”

  • “Black Betty is A-OK! Gets you stoned, that's for sure. I don't any euphoria from it, though... to me, it's just a very decent sativa leaning hybrid... the kind of strain you smoke before cleaning your house.”

  • “oooh Black Betty! very strong onset! can make me feel a bit like I just stepped off a rollercoaster or a scrambler. Definitely get creative thoughts going, but can easily turn to paranoia. be in a safe place and a good state of mind.”

  • “This will get you lit! Just tried some, Got me feeling like I want to punch the midnight squirrel!”