Black Tuna Reviews

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  • “If you are a weed virgin and someone pulls out a can of Black tuna you have one of two options: 1: Smoke Black Tuna and get so *%^@ high that you most likely vomit. 2: Wait for a weaker strain so you can have a fully appreciable smoking experience.”

  • “You take a waft and think black tuna, why would they name it that? After rolling the joint and smelling a kushy yet odd flavor you light it up to take a hit. You are hit immediately with a thick, bellowing, luscious smoke that may leave some coughing. You get the sense that this smoke tastes nothing like tuna, yet you might name it the same. The effects are immediate. A focused and exceptionally euphoric high, this c...”

  • “This one seems pretty darned similar to Purple Kush to me.”

  • “Tilray patient review. This is by far the most perfect bedtime strain I have tried yet. Nice mellow euphoria that also relieves body pain and anxiety. Makes you feel tired and ready to go to bed with just a little bit of vaporizing. Only need a small amount to get the desired effects.”

  • “Black Tuna is a godsend! Tremendous pain relief within minutes, both when vaped & smoked, and all but the worst & most persistent chronic pain areas felt almost pain-free for hours. After a good night's sleep I awoke feeling refreshed, pain still at low levels, and hungry rather than nauseated. A segue to: BT also quelled my nausea (gave me not overwhelming munchies, but enough to eat dinner & then hit the cookie ...”

  • “If getting high is your goal, 5 stars. This is a "takes no prisoners" strain that'll hit ya topside the head like a sledgehammer good and fast; it keeps you high - can get you higher - and seemingly doesn't stop likely due to its Lambs genetics (Sativa with strong "alert and awake" features). The sleep on this strain takes a while to kick in, comes well AFTER the bulk of the buzz. Hits 100% top speed immediately a...”

  • “This is by far some of the cleanest medicine I've had the pleasure to smoke in a long while. From presentation it looks very dark and skunk like but once you get a glimmer of light on it, you'll see what's actually there. It pretty much turns white once you get a a glimmer on light on it. This is some strong stuff, definitely will halt you from going on with your day and will put you to sleep. Also the service at 5 s...”

  • “I've just started smoking again after many years of being a non-smoker. I'm very prone to anxiety and depression, I was curious if marijuana would provide relief. Small doses of Black Tuna helped depression without doubt, insomnia was flat gone… I don't feel it helped with anxiety, but it did not seem to aggravate symptoms. Nice smoke (mild) and mood enhancement.”