Blue Dream Reviews - Page 290

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Very VERY spaced out, relieved stress real good. Didnt last as long as I hoped”

  • “My all time favorite strain. Incredibly relaxing, clear headed, and focused. Blue Dream is aso pretty much the best treatment I've ever found for my bipolar disorder. It really evens out my mood and helps greatly with my social anxiety. An amazing strain for any time of the day. Thanks to Garden Kings for their amazing quality medicine.”

  • “Used out of a Brass Knuckles cartridge.”

  • “Legendary strain, lived up to my expectations, I had an energetic and care free high.”

  • “Nice basic strain, good value for good overall symptom relief....”

  • “Great bud when you're seeking a quick insta-bake, not great for long term smoking or daily personals. Super creative and artistic, lots of feelings of interconnectedness, as in psychedelia.”

  • “My personal favorite strain to smoke. Helps my physical pain and puts me in a good mood.”

  • “This strain is a very, very great strain. I feel very creative and nostalgic. I love this weed. And I love everyone else.”