Blue Hawaiian Reviews

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  • “I am typically only an indica smoker, but I saw this at my local dispensary and had to try it since it had blueberry in it. Let me just say this is excellent medication for depression, or lethargy. I medicated with .5g and noticed it made me upbeat, smile, and focused. After about 45 minutes into the session it faded into a nice body melt, and relaxation. If you see some of this- don't pass it up”

  • “Not only was this my first time to Nature Med Inc., this was also my first time trying this strain, it was in a very nice pre-roll(free at that!). My husband who is a disabled veteran thought it was too heavy for him, after 3 hits of this lol, so I smoked most of it. I am a old school stoner from Cali., my husband is from MN. and newer to this whole MMJ thing. Being said that I am from Cali., I expect certain quali...”

  • “55% Indica, 45% Sativa tested at 18.9% THC. Best of both, unique cucumber like flavor.”

  • “Bring out the Bob Marley Box Set, add some SUN, and a Cool beverage and get ready for a Very Stoney trip through Music Bliss! Brought home my first bag of BHW and ended up listening to several straight hours of Music! You will sit back after a few tok's and go Whooa I am STONED! Very Heavy high! Nice and Sleepy when the music ends... A Solid 50/50 Hybrid with both Indica and Sativa effects.”

  • “This stuff is amazing. The taste and the effects are equally as impressive as the look. I have really bad anxiety, and this stuff was great for getting stuff done without thinking twice. It is a very calming energetic high, of that makes any sense. It helps some with my body pain. It makes walking around a little more convertible. I also wouldn't feel "to stoned" if I were to partake before I went into public. But if...”

  • “I picked up this strain last week, and i must say that it is one of the best strains i've come across recently. The Indica x Sativa cross relaxed me, but also allowed me to focus on daily activities i needed to accomplish. definitely recommend”

  • “Blueberry x Hawaiian Kona Clearheaded uplifting effect with just enough indica to smooth it out”

  • “Gave me a good head change despite a high tolerance, without making me paranoid. And gave a boost of energy, without making me anxious.”