Blue Haze Reviews

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  • “🚀..My AnyTime AllTime EveryTime Smoke..This AZ grow is Amazzzing!..I recently picked up a quarter of this from YHS and Oh Wow!..the pretty smokey green nugs taste as good as they look. The high?? Amazzzing!..a perfectly balanced that keeps me elevated and even..EUPHORIC Bliss! This Magical medicine Fights Fatigue throughout the day. Enjoyed in my Hooka water pipe, two bowls and I'm 🚀...Zaps the Chronic Pain and Ste...”

  • “"Blue Dream Haze" = Blue Dream x Haze: excellent clear-minded and energetic sativa!”

  • “Trying blue haze vs. blue haze wins. You can function at work and be relaxed. Good for migraines. Great for afternoon or if your stressed in the morning. Definitely an underrated strain. Smooth smoke.”

  • “very nice head buzz to start off,but am engaged and focused.pain level is way down and can do moderate tasks.This is a high quality medicine for me(in my top five favorites).”

  • hi2

    “Relax with Blue Haze. I like to puff on this while I'm making dinner. So relaxing. I defy you not to smile! Brings on a feeling of happiness that you should experience for yourself. I'd buy it again and recommend it to your friends who might not have a lot of experience with cannabis. They'll feel zero paranoia on this strain .....They will thank you and ask where you bought it..”

  • “💙..Our Summer Solstice Magic Medicine! We toked a nice slow doobie while the 🍓 Full Moon rose over the Red Rocks! Her Highness bathing Us in Haze so Blue, SUMMER arrived & NO One Knew!...Oh, Grandmother Moon🌙so bright, so High, your reddish Light upon Us this night...Protect, Heal & Guide us in difficult times, we're Mourning the Loss of 49 Precious lives..Lift Up our 💙s in Colors of Pride🌈We are All one Fam...”

  • “The high is very energetic. Tastes very sweet. Easy to focus and get things done. You'll look up and a few hours will be missing. Not good for falling asleep, because you pretty much just lay there and think about stuff.”

  • “This is a good mix of strains. This strain helps me defeat pain and irritability. I feel pleasant and can enjoy life.”