Blue Nightmare Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I loved this strain! (I actually suggested it to leafly!) It gave the most stereotypical high I've had. Very giggly, very relaxed, very happy, and lasted forever. The only reason it's not one of my favorites is because, focusing is virtually impossible, and if you want a high for a shorter amount of time, even if you smoke a small amount, its not all lol.”

  • “People get ready for this one, it hits HARD and FAST, it's just an insane mix that is a must try! Seemed to help me alot with anxiety, depression, Insomnia, Spams & Pain. I highly recommend trying this one as soon as you can find it, when you do ENJOY!”

  • “This stuff smells amazing. It's pretty dank, you can smell it if you're carrying. The high comes on quick and like a previous reviewer said it's very hard to focus on one task. I've done about 20 different things in the past hour. Productive, but a little scattered. It's a very chill, but light high, doesn't bog you down too much. I can walk around and have a good day. It's pretty strong, pace yourself. Does make me...”

  • “Hands down the best bud I've ever smoked. Very harsh on the throat but it got my friend and I so baked we started narrating everything that was happening around us”

  • “K.O. like Manny Pacquiao”

  • “simply a great all around strain ...clear headed with a strong dose of creativity...lasted for hours and kept me awake and in a positive mood.”

  • “Just smoked it again. Didn't take note of anything but the feeling. I was spit5 on -_-....”

  • “Great strain danky and fruity. Real stress reliever.”