Blue Wreck Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Happy-go-lucky-i-live-where-she's legal!...Bless all mankind...Legalize the world!...Namaste!...”

  • “TOP notch bud. Favorite strain i have smoke in the hybrid category. Genetics are Blue Dream x Trainwreck and it makes for a dream sativa state that leaves you care free and happy :] nice smell amazing looks and taste. To good to be true :D”

  • “Definitely a heavy hitter! Smoking it from a piece definitely gives you a shot-like high. It hits with a euphoric high and a mellow burn out. It can keep you active and relaxed which is a perfect combination for socializing or staying in for the day/night. Not the best for night time but it can definitely put you to sleep with enough hits.”

  • “Very bitter, pungent berry taste, earthy too. Good high, but it gave me mad munchies and some bad cotton mouth. Would still recommend if you're willing to deal with that.”

  • “Wonderful tasting vapor from this bud is accompanied by a hard hitting cerebral effects similar to it's parent Trainwreck but with more of a relaxing side.”

  • “amazing, as the other guy said it's blue dream x trainwreck, but it's has an amazing high and beautiful aroma”

  • “pretty dense and light. sweet smell. uplifting feeling”

  • “I can taste blueberry for days. So tasteful and gets you high as a mofo. One of my top 5”