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Bogart Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Perfect in the evening, very very good taste and a strong high, strong for begginers”

  • “Pretty cool one i'd say!”

  • “Really enjoy this strain in the evenings. I find it really relaxes you although allows you to still function. It's definitely my go to evening variety from Tweed.”

  • “I found this strain disappointing and the taste is not typical og at all. Glad they dropped the price to where to should be for it's quality”

  • “Really like this strain for an uplifting, fun, creative effect. I find that, depending on how much I consume, I may or may not get the munchies. Most times I'm pretty social and productive on this strain. Also find that the effects don't last as long, maybe an hour and a half, then start to feel a little lethargic with this strain. One of my go to strains either during the day or early evening.”