Brian Berry Cough Reviews

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  • “Had some for the first time today. I've never been one for 'flavors' of weed, because it seems like I always taste something different from my friends who always agree that they taste the same thing. For that reason, I'll leave this part minimal: I will say, though, that I enjoyed the taste. Not tolerated it, but enjoyed it. For me, it started in the head and it stayed there for a while: 1/4 to 1/3 of the time. The...”

  • “Full disclosure... this is a wake and bake review. It's Sunday morning... I've had orange juice, I just made coffee, and I'm watching Friends (apothecary table episode) and smoking a couple bowls of Brian Berry Cough. The flavor reminds me of the cereal Special K Red Berries. First thing I noticed by the third hit was relaxation. My mind blanked out a bit and I felt chill. Started getting that great stoney feeling. ...”

  • “You're really looking to have a good time with this strain. it's uplifting nature is sure to keep you in high spirits while it also gives you enough energy to go out and face the day! Absolutely loved the sweet smell of this bud, not as harsh as I expected it to be (:”

  • “A hybrid of my two most favorite strains! And of course I love its effects. Nice head buzz-uplifted and euphoric, very helpful with depression. But a relaxing quality with slight energy and boost in focus, helpful with stress and ADD. A near perfect strain in my opinion!”

  • “Beautiful genetics. The smell is very citrusy similar to grapefruit but also has a mild berry aroma. Beautiful dark green nugs with hints of light green, absolutely covered In crystals and dark orange hairs. Great balanced high, the perfect balance to creative euphoria and couch lock relaxation. Definitely a new favorite of mine”

  • “great energetic high with this and even some mild pain relief- if your muscles are sore, you'll feel yourself loosen up. I enjoy this at work and it lets me focus on coding, while simultaneously stripping away my anxiety. this is the kind of strain that you can use to focus, but it also makes you want to get up and dance. great hybrid, reminds me of jillybean vibes (hello? space queen is lineage is always bound to be...”

  • “i just smoke some im I feeling it. its deffinetly a mind and body high. I feel stress free right now and I'm always stressed lol. and I have alot of pain problems in my back and legs and right now I feel none of it. I feel like I have sltons of energy, I feel like I'm 8yrs old again and I'm only 18 lol deffinetly like, deffinetly going back to the store to get more lol cx”

  • “Great taste, and can make you dizzy.”