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Bubba Tom Hayes Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I never heard about this strain till a couple weeks ago and thought the guy was getting this confused with bubba kush but then checked it out and realized this is a new strain. Top shelf shit right here, from the smell which has a sort of sweet citrus mix to it to the smoke which is a good relaxed high. A definite must try in my books!”

  • “I got this "Bubba Tom Hill" from Euflora 3D in Denver and it is excellent. One of my new favorite strains! Very nice euphoric feeling but not too upbeat.”

  • “This strain makes everything feel like it's ok. Massive points in the euphoria department. Great for day or night.”

  • “Experienced Bubba Tom Hill/Hayes in form of concentrate, wax. Taste was very light but a earthy sweet kush taste. Head high was first to take place..focused while at ease. Euphoric after 2nd dab. 💯”

  • “I got some Bubba Tom "Hill" at Elements in Boulder, which is their name for this strain. It's a very potent Sativa-dominant hybrid with a great floaty buzz and a potent scent very similar to really good Dubya Diesel. Highly recommended!”

  • “Nice sativa-dom hybrid. I had the wax from Native Roots. Definitely euphoric, as opposed to say the Sweet Tooth shatter I had last that was also sativa-dom, but didn't feel as euphoric.”